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New Property or New Tenant Info-Work For Equity

New Property or New Tenant Info

New tenant information- What is it?

Before the date of a tenancy begins a landlord must provide all basic information relating to the property and the terms of the tenancy.

  1. The new tenant has the right to security of the tenancy. They can continue to live in the property until a proper notice is given by the landlord or vice versa.
  2. Usually, the landlord must inform ahead before visiting the property unless in cases of emergencies and thus protect the privacy of the tenant.
  3. The tenant would be responsible for paying the rent in time and keeping the property neat and clean.
  4. Any damages would be borne by the tenant.
  5. Locks cannot be changed without the owner’s approval.
  6. The owner has the right to collect a deposit towards the rent. It can be used as payment towards the rent for the last notice period of tenancy.
  7. Usually there are rules set so as to limit the increase of rent and the frequency. Also there has to be a proper notice given in case of any increase.
  8. The owner is usually responsible for keeping the property in a proper state of repair and maintains good safety standards.

The above are basic information. Depending on mutual agreement, there could be certain added clauses. The owner is also responsible to provide a copy of the written agreement of tenancy within a stipulated time. It is always best to have full information for both parties as far as the new property or new tenant goes.

New Property or New Tenant Info

New Property or New Tenant Info


Sample New Property or New Tenant Info-Work For Equity Form Template


Download Printable New Property or New Tenant Info-Work For Equity Template

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