A deed is utilized to exchange the responsibility for a bit of land from the merchant to the purchaser. While there are a few sorts of deeds, the constrained guarantee deed is the best to the dealer. The vendor ensures, or warrants, that the deed title is free of any cases amid his proprietorship. A hindrance in this respect constrains the proprietor in his utilization of the property or capacity to exchange possessed property.There are four primary sorts of deeds utilized for property exchange: General guarantee deed, constrained guarantee deed, deal and deal, and quitclaim deed. The deed is an authoritative report that not just exchanges the proprietorship or title of a bit of property, yet the sort of deed utilized figures out who is at risk if issues emerge with the title to the property after the deal. Distinctive deeds offer differentiated degrees specified fo these vendors and the customers.

The general guarantee deed offers the best security for the purchaser. This is likewise the kind of deed required by most title insurance agencies before they will guarantee a title. Basically, the dealer expresses that the title to the bit of property is clear. Any known encumbrances would be incorporated into the deed. In the event that issues with the title do emerge the dealer can be considered legitimately dependable. General guarantee deeds are normally utilized as a part of individual land exchanges both the quitclaim and the deal and deal deed support the dealer. The deal and deal deed are regularly utilized as a part of instances of dispossession or duty deals. It transfers the title yet does not ensure the vender that there are no encumbrances.

Limited Warranty Deed

Limited Warranty Deed


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Sample Template Preview



COUNTY OF ______________

This Indenture made this _______ day of _____________ 20_____ between ____________________ _____________________________of the County of _______________, State of Georgia, as party or parties of the first part, hereinunder called Grantor, and ____________________________________ as party or parties of the second part, hereinafter called Grantee (the words “Grantor” and “Grantee” to include their respective heirs, successors and assigns where the context requires or permits).

WITNESSETH that:  Grantor, for and in consideration of the sum of TEN AND 00/100’S ($10.00) Dollars and other good and valuable considerations in hand paid at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, has granted, bargained, sold, aliened, conveyed and confirmed, and by these presents does grant, bargain, sell, alien, convey and confirm unto the said Grantee,

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said tract or parcel of land, with all and singular the rights, members and appurtenances thereof, to the same being, belonging, or in anywise appertaining, to the only proper use, benefit and behoof of the said Grantee forever in FEE SIMPLE.

AND THE SAID Grantor, for it’s heirs, executors and administrators, will warrant and forever defend the right and title to the above-described property, unto the said Grantee, it’s heirs and assigns,  against the claims of all persons claiming by, through, or under Grantor herein.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Grantor has hereunto set Grantor’s hand and seal this day and year first written above.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of:

_______________________________________        _____________________________________(Seal)

_______________________________________        _____________________________________(Seal)
Notary Public