Leased Property Turnover Sheet

Investing in real estate ensures you long term profit with steady cash flows

Investing in real estate property has long term benefits and ensures steady rate of cash flows. Generally with a stable generation of cash flow, real estate is considered to be a safer investment especially for those with an entrepreneurial mind. Guaranteed increase in appreciation and property turnover rates are few reasons which motivates people for long term investments in property.

By property turnover rates we mean the measure of the generated revenue that is attained from capital investments in real estate property and other assets.

Avoid complicated terms and conditions by lawyers

Complicated financial terms and conditions along with strict regulations imposed by property lawyers often makes it very difficult for people to get involved in such investments in a proper manner. Due to such encounters and hesitation that are faced by investors, many online platforms have understood the need and urgency of introducing Leased Property Turnover Sheet in order to deliver necessary support.

Utility of property turnover sheets


Such leased property turnover sample sheets help people to understand the basic necessities and ideas that are related to lease property investments. General ideas and terms which are generally not explained by the property consultants, are made clear to the investors for better awareness and least hesitation and doubts. Leased Property Turnover Sheet are helpful because then people do not have to head to their lawyers and advisors but avail the sheets themselves. They have all the details and specific requirements that are supposed to be included in a general turnover, for example property acquisition, address, property substantial dates and other minor yet important details.

Hence these come in really beneficial to the people and have been realised to be very important among the investors in recent times.

Leased Property Turnover Sheet


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Sample Template Preview



ADDRESS:_______________________________________  ZIP_________   KEY MAP_____

PROJECT ACQUISITION/START DATE:_____________________________


Turn on Electric (Phone : _________________)                                    ___________________
Turn on Gas (Phone : ______________________) —                            ___________________
Is there a water meter? Turn on water                                                   ___________________
Install Lockbox                                                                                   ___________________
Replace Roof?  Y____  N____ If yes, measure                                       ___________________
Paint – Complete or Touch Up                                                              ___________________
Garage Doors – OK, Repair or Replace: size__________                        ___________________
Carpet – Replace or Clean                                                                    ___________________
Trash Removal                                                                                     ___________________
General Cleaning – Rehab or Turnover                                                    ___________________
Exterminate                                                                                        ___________________
Yard                                                                                                   ___________________
Re-key locks                                                                                        ___________________
Security Devices Required:                                                                 ___________________
Drop Bolts:____  Slider Pins:____  Peep Holes:____
Window latches:____  Keyless Dead bolts:____
Slider handle/bar:____  Smoke Detectors needed:#____
Batteries Replaced: #_____
Yard Sign                                                                                              ___________________
Flyers                                                                                                    ___________________
Street Signs                                                                                             ___________________
Newspaper Ads                                                                                       ___________________


PROJECT SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION DATE:                                        _________________