Independent Contractor Agreement

In Independent contractor agreement a few procurements might be changed as per neighborhood law. This format supports the organization/customer and ought to be altered to mirror the particulars of the arrangement for which it is utilized. The Company asks for the Contractor to perform administrations for it and might ask for the Contractor to perform different administrations later on; and the Parties in this way concur as takes after:

1.0Term and Termination.

1.1 This Agreement produces results instantly as of the Effective Date and stays in full compel and impact until the Contractor has finished the Services unless prior ended under this Section 1.

1.2. Either Party might end this Agreement for cause by giving the other Party composed notification if the other Party: (i) is in material break of this Agreement and has neglected to cure such rupture inside of five (5) days after its receipt of composed notification of such rupture gave by the non-rupturing Party; (ii) takes part in any unlawful business identified with that Party’s execution under the Agreement; or (iii) documents a request for chapter 11, gets to be indebted, recognizes its bankruptcy in any way, stops to work together, or comparative gathering designated for its property.

2.0.Contractor Services.

2.1. Amid the Term, the Company might connect with the Contractor to give the accompanying administrations as required, or other such administrations as commonly settled upon in composing by the Parties.

2.2. The Contractor should give the fundamental gear to perform the Services. On the off chance that the Contractor has acquired representatives or specialists, the Contractor might be exclusively in charge of all expenses connected with the Contractor Personnel.

Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

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Sample Template Preview


This agreement is entered into on this ______ day of __________________________, 20_____ by and between  ______________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as “Contractor”) and ______________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) for services to be rendered at: _______________________________________________________________________________ Contractor will commence work on or before __________________________, 20_____ and will perform same on a daily basis. This work shall be completed on or before __________________________, 20_____.
Contractor and Client hereby agree to the following:
1.    Independent Contractor:  Contractor and Client intend this Agreement to be one of independent contractor and client.  Accordingly, Contractor retains the sole right to control or direct the manner in which the services prescribed herein are to be performed.  Subject to the foregoing, Client retains the right to inspect, to stop work, to prescribe alterations, and generally to supervise the work to insure its quality and conformity with that specified in this Agreement.  Contractor and Client understand that it is the Contractor’s sole and complete responsibility to pay all employment taxes, including Federal and State withholding taxes, Social Security, and obtain insurance, including worker’s compensation coverage and public liability insurance arising out of or relating to this Agreement.  Contractor warrants that upon signing of this agreement that Contractor has obtained all stated and necessary insurance and that it will be kept in full force and effect until the completion of the work contracted for herein.  As such, contractor herewith agrees to sole and complete liability for any injury to self or contractor’s workers.
2.    Services Provided:  Contractor agrees to perform the services listed in this contract (as contained in Exhibit “A”, attached hereto and made a part hereof by reference) on behalf of the Client.
3.    Building Permits:  __________________ is responsible for obtaining building permit as required.
4.    Inspections:  Contractor is responsible for arranging for and passing all required building inspections.
5.    Cleanup:  Contractor is responsible for cleaning up/hauling and disposal of any debris created by services performed.
6.    Client Approval:  Client will approve Contractor services on the following basis:
a.    Their ability to meet governing building codes
b.    All required building permit inspections have been completed and passed
c.    That services have been completed including all punch-out work as agreed.
7.    Invoicing:  Contractor will invoice Client as outlined in the Promissory Note Credit Schedule as contained in Exhibit “B”, attached hereto and made a part hereof by reference.  Credits will be applied within seven (7) days of receipt of invoice provided all services have been inspected and approved by Client.  Client agrees to inspect services performed within three (3) days of receipt of invoice and immediately provide Contractor a written list of any deficiencies that will prevent Promissory Note credit.
8.    Cancellation:  Client reserves the right to cancel any of the services in this contract which have not been completed by Contractor within the specified time frame.  No compensation will be due for tasks not completed.
Crew Size:  Contractor agrees to keep a minimum of ____ workers on the job at all times during the hours of _____ AM to ____ PM ____ days per week in order to assure the timely completion of this contract. Failure to do so will be construed as a default under this agreement and Client, at its option may deduct daily penalties as outlined herein in addition to any other penalties which may also be due.
10.    Penalties:  Contractor agrees to a reduction in payment, or if payment has already been made, Contractor agrees to reimburse to Client the sum of $______________ per day for each day Contractor delays completion beyond __________________________, 20_____.  Completion date shall be adjusted for change orders as agreed in writing between Contractor and Client.
11.    Communications:  Contractor and Client agree that communication between the parties is vital to the rapid completion of this contract.  Each herewith agree to promptly respond to any message from the other party.  Each further agrees to provide the other with any change of contact telephone numbers.
12.    Waiver:  Failure of Client to insist upon strict compliance of any of the provisions of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of any violation, nor shall any partial payment outside of the “payment schedule” be deemed as a waiver of any of the Client’s rights to strict compliance with any of the terms of this agreement.
13.    Addresses:  Contractor herewith provides to Client the true and correct residence address and private home telephone numbers of each of the Contractors signing below.
14.    Entire Agreement:  There are no other agreements, promises or understandings between these parties except as specifically set forth herein. This legal and binding Agreement will be construed under ___________________ Law, will not be recorded and if not understood, parties should seek competent legal advice.  If “Scope of Work” forms are attached, the agreement contained in that document is hereby made a part hereof by reference.
15.   Special Stipulations:    The following stipulations, if in conflict with any of the preceding, shall control:
Contractor has agreed to perform the work herein and be compensated based on the Promissory Note Credit Schedule, attached hereto as Exhibit “B” and made a part hereof by reference, as compensation shall be in the form of reductions to a promise to pay from Contractor already entered into with Client.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, all of the parties hereto affix their hands and seals.
__________________________________                            _________________
Client:                                                                                             Date
__________________________________        _____________________        _________________
Contractor:                                                   Social Security Number               Date
Contractor Residence Address: ____________________________________
Contractor Residence Phone Number: _______________________________
Contractor Pager Number: ________________________________________
Contractor Cell Phone: ___________________________________________
Contractor Fax: __________________________________________________

Services to Be Provided:

This Exhibit is part of the Independent Contractor Services Agreement dated the ________ day of  ____________________, 20____, between _________________________________________, as Contractor, and ___________________________________________, as Client thereof.
(Any attached “Scope of Work” forms shall also become a part hereof.)
The following “Scope of Work” forms are attached hereto.

  •                    Carpentry/General
  •                    Roofing
  •                    Electrical
  •                    HVAC
  •                    Plumbing
  •                    Painting

Contractor shall act as the General Contractor and shall provide and directly pay Sub-Contractors as needed for the timely completion of this Agreement.