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Checklist for Sales with New Loans-workforequity

Checklist for Sales with New Loans

How to make sure that you have not missed out on anything

The formation of a checklist is one of the easiest ways of getting things done properly, in an organized manner and completely without forgetting anything. When you are applying for a new loan then the checklist for sales with new loans must have following in the checklist:

The first thing that is of prime importance is the property. The checklist must contain the property address in legible writing.

For the application process the following will be required:

  • Credit application
  • Application receipt agreement
  • Order credit report
  • Job verification to see the repaying capacity of the loan applicant
  • History pertaining to rent payment
  • The credit report

Contract documents that must be enclosed in the checklist are the money contract, disclosure by the seller, lead disclosure, and water district notice

The checklist must have all the details regarding the loan process as well as the closing process. The open title is the first thing that must be included in the list. Then you must send the buyer to the mortgage company. The utilities of all kinds must be open for appraisal. Also if there are termites or you suspect termite you must order for the report on termite. When the loan has been closed and the deal has been finalised you will have to remove the signs and pickup the lockbox; close all utilities. You may not want the pool service available also you should stop advertising for the house with a thank you letter to the buyer.

Checklist for Sales with New Loans

Checklist for Sales with New Loans


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