Simple Assignment of Contract – Interest

Get familiar with the sphere of real estate investment

Being familiar with the concept of wholesale sales contract may prove to be a little difficult especially to those who are new in the sphere of real estate investment. Though a simple idea of purchase and sales agreement for real estate, certain regulations and real estate terms can often be intimidating to people who are not well aware of such real estate and capital investments.

Be aware of the needs and requirements

Yet with the help of pre made sample documents and forms, people can be assured of the least possible knowledge about the needs and requirements relating to sales contracts for purchase of property. The SALES CONTRACT FOR BUYING SUBJECT TO – Wholesaling is one of the few pre –printed real estate forms which have been made available to the people. With such documents, people are familiar with what they are expected to do but they can also take the maximum amount of time and get to know about the necessary conditions and rights which they are subjected to under the considered agreement. In this way, they are saved from the hands of inconsiderate and the least helpful real estate consultants and be aware of their rights and duties at the same time.

Important for tech savvy property users

The SALES CONTRACT FOR BUYING SUBJECT TO – Wholesaling states the exact disruptions that are to be followed. The property, its purchase price, seller finance and the availability of new and existing loans that can be available on the property are among the essential aspects that are stated in the form. These forms and documents have been made available for the tech savvy users and people can easily avail such simple contract agreements and information brochures by easily downloading the printed forms.

Simple Assignment Of Contract-Interest

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Sample Template Preview


_____________________________________(Assignor) hereby assigns, transfers, sells the Contract/Interest, whether written or verbal in the property located at______________________________________________in the City of_________________________________, State of__________________________________________to  __________________________________________(Assignee). The assignment fee of $________________is to be paid from proceeds at closing.  _____________________________________ (Assignor) has negotiated a purchase price on the above referenced property of $_____________________________which is an “as is/where is” price with no warranties or guarantees. Adding the assignment fee of $________________________________, the assignees total purchase price is $_________________________________plus any inspection fees, repairs, due diligence, and/or closing costs. In addition to the assignment fee, the assignee shall reimburse assignor the deposit amount of $________________________which has already been paid by assignor. This assignment is made with no warranties, guarantees, or claims to condition of property, size, title, or present or future value of property and it is the assignees responsibility to perform their own due diligence before closing. This assignment shall survive the closing.

The undersigned agrees that they have the full authority to execute this document personally and for any organization they represent or will represent. By signing, you agree that you have read, understand and have the full power and authority to enter into this legal agreement. If you do not understand this document, please seek legal council prior to signing. The undersigned acknowledges receipt of a copy of this document.

_______________            _____________                 ____________

Witness                              Assignor                         Date

______________             ______________               _____________

Witness                              Assignor                          Date

______________             ______________               _____________

Witness                              Assignor                           Date