Referral Sheet for Realtors

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When you are hiring a property or want to buy it, you have to send a referral sheet filled up with your details along with the details of the property you want to rent or buy. The details of the referral agent and your details should be sent to the real estate company in order to register your application for the renting or buying of that property.

You can download this FREE Referral Sheet for Realtors FORM online and have it filled with these details. As you mention the information such as the details of the tenant as well as the landlord and submit it to the real estate agency, it will ensure your application for that property to be rented or bought.

The form will mention the amount of fees that you will be paying to that real estate referral agent in case that agreement between the landlord and the tenant is signed. In each of these referral forms, there will be a space for the applicant to provide a little information regarding the needs on that prospect and situation.

Downloading this referral sheet can be quite easy when you are downloading them as Printable Real Estate Forms. There will be no requirement for you to pay any money for this and you will be able to acquire a ready template for this form that you will only need to fill up and submit to that real estate company through email or fax.

Referral Sheet For Realtors

Referral Sheet For Realtors

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Sample Template Preview

Your Company Name
Your address

Your Phone number/fax/email etc.



The following information should be completed and faxed to Your Company Name when a Realtor is referring a client interested in a rental property, rent with option to buy or in leasing their property .

Referring Agent:______________________                          Phone:___________

Real Estate Office:_____________________                          Fax:_____________

Address:____________________________                          Date of Referral:___




Phone:__________________________(day)        Phone:_________________________(evening)

Referral is a Prospective…
____    Tenant

____    Landlord

____    Other  _________________________________

Please give us a little information on the prospect’s needs or situation:

A referral fee of $200.00 will be paid to the above agent/broker when a contract/lease is signed.






Your Company Name, acknowledges receipt of this referral and agrees to pay referral fee at time signed contract/lease is secured:


                                                             Your Company Name – Representative or Assigns

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