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When you are seeking for selling your property, it is very important that you have your property listed to a professional real estate agent. The agents will ensure that a suitable buyer buys your property. However, for that a listing agent will ask the seller a wide range of questions and note every single detail of that property to a property info sheet.

These property info sheets are available online for the sellers to download to make sure that the seller is prepared for all the questions that the buyer or even the listing agent will be asking. It will clearly incorporate the physical data and property location that will ensure that you sell your property with maximum profit and that it is handed over to a proper buyer.

To understand how the listing agent might ask or throw questions to you and how you are supposed to respond and also for the buyers or listing agents, what the questionnaire must incorporate in order to get a complete idea of the property, there is the option of downloading FREE Property Info Sheet Form.

Since it is available for free, there is no need to pay any money in order to download these Printable Real Estate Forms. As you download it, just fill in the details and your property will be listed to a listing agent for finding a suitable buyer soon. It is important that only proper and correct information are provided, otherwise, it will be considered responsible for misguiding the buyer.

Property Info Sheet

Property Info Sheet



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Sample Template Preview


Reference Data

Telephone # ________________ Date Called:___________ Person Spoke With: ________________________
They Were Owner:  Y   N   Call Them Back On: ________________ Listing Type: Rental Realtor FSBO REO HUD Other
How Discovered: Saw Their Newspaper Ad: _______________ Date: ___________ ½ Saw Their Sign/Flyer ½ Saw Their Web Site: URL: http://www.______________½ They Saw Our Flyer ½ They Saw Our Classified ½ They Saw Our Movie Ad ½
They Saw Our Web Site ½ They Got Our Letter: ______________________ Other:
We Made Offer:  Letter-of-Intent   Formal ½ Type: Lease-Option  Cash  Wrap Other ½ Amount $ _____________Date:

Agency Data

MLS #: ____________________ Agency: ____________________________ Agent’s Name:_________________
Agency Phone #: ______________ Fax #: _______________ Agent Phone #: ______________ Listing Term:
                                                                   Property Location
Property Address: _____________________________ City: ________________________ State: _______  Zip Code:
Directions: _______________________________________________________ Map: Page: ________ Coordinates:

Seller’s Property Description

Bedrooms:  2  3  4  5 ___  Baths:  1  1½  1¾  2  2½   ____ Levels:  1   2   3  Basement:  Y   N
Garage: Attached  Detached  Carport ½ Size:  0  1  2  _____
Features: Hot Tub ½ Spa ½  Deck: Size: _ ½ Fireplaces: 1  2 Type: Freestand.  Stove Traditional Fuel:Wood Gas  Updates Improvements/Repairs: Kitchen Fixtures: Y  N  Bath Fixtures: Y   N   Other:____________
When: ____________ How Much Spent: $_________ Comments:
Year Built: 19___  Year Purchased: 19___  Tax Assessed Value: $_____________ Annual Taxes: $ ______
Occupied: Vacant ½ Seller ½ Tenant: (Rent: $ _______) Comments:___________________________________
Overall Property Condition: Seller’s Opinion: 1 2 3 45678910 ½ Compared to Neighbors: Better Same Worse
Problems & Suggested Improvements to Make Property Equal to Neighbors:

Questions for the Seller (Listing Agent)

1.What do you like most about this property?
2.What do you like least about it?
3.Is there anything else about the house you think I should know?
4.It sounds like a nice home. Do you mind if I ask why you’re selling?
5.I’m actually a real estate investor: I buy houses and rent them out. That’s what I would want to do with your place…Do you think your house would make a good rental property?  Y   N  [For how much? $_____________ ]
6.Do you know if there are any other rental houses in the neighborhood?  Y   N   [For how much? $_____________]
7.What is your asking price for the house? $ ___________? (Don’t respond to their answer right away.)
Do you mind if I ask how you arrived at that price?
[Have you had it appraised lately? Y   N   For how much? $______________ When was the appraisal made? ___________ ]
8.Is $ ____________________ your original asking price, or has it changed since you first put it on the market?
Orig.   Revised  (Was: $_______________)
9.How long have you had it on the market: _________ [Why do you think it hasn’t sold?      ]
10.Do you have any offers pending on the house?  Y   N
11.Have you received any (other) offers?  Y   N  What Happened? Explain:
12.Do you mind if I ask what percentage real estate commission will you have to pay? 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% [Why don’t you have it listed with a Realtor?]
13.Are you flexible on the asking price at all? (Don’t reply for 30 seconds!)
14.When do you need to sell it by?
15.If the deal is good enough, I have enough cash in the bank to just write a check for it. If we could close in the next week or two, what’s the lowest price you’d take? (Don’t reply for 30 seconds!) $___________
16.Would you be willing to pay the closing costs?   Y   N  [Such as the appraisal? ($350)? Inspection? ($275) Closing and escrow? ($400)]
17.Do you mind if I ask how much you originally paid for the house? $____________
18.Are there any liens or other encumbrances against the property? Y   N
19.Are there any lawsuits regarding the property pending?  Y   N Details:
20.Is there a mortgage on the property?  Y   N  [Tell me more about it, like the approximate balance: $______________, the interest rate: _____%, who’s it with:_____________________,  that kind of stuff…
Is it assumable? Y   N   Is It: VA   FHA?  What are your payments? $_______ Does that include Taxes and Insurance? Y  N  How many years are remaining on the note? ______. Have you made all the payments on time?  Y  N  Are there any other mortgages or the property?   Y   N  Details:
21.What will you do after you sell? Do you have any special plans?

22.It looks a little skinny. Are you expecting to walk away with any money here, or would it help if I just took over payments?
23.So, will you need immediate cash at closing? Y   N   How much? $ _______________
24.I’d be willing to pay more if you can be flexible on the terms. I’ve got great credit…would you be willing to assist in the financing? __________________________ [Well, like we could figure out a way to make your existing loan assumable—I think we might be able to do that—and then you’d carry a note for the balance for a short time.]
25.If I go to a bank for financing, they will probably want me to put down 20 or 25%. Would you at least be willing to finance some of my down payment for a short time? [Short means 60-72 mos].
26.What are you going to do if it doesn’t sell? [If they say, “rent it out,” you ask, “How would that work?”]
27.Would you consider taking a lease option on the property? Y   N   [“You know, where I would agree to buy it, but we wouldn’t close for 18-36 months and I’d rent it from you until then?”]
28.Well it sure sounds like the kind of property I’ve been looking for. I’d probably buy it from you if we can come to some agreement on either the on the price or the terms.  What’s the best deal you could offer me on your property? (Don’t respond for at least 30 sec.)
29.Can’t you do any better than that? (Don’t respond.)
30.Okay, if I bring the paperwork over, can YOU make the decision…does anyone else need to be there?
31.Okay, let me drive by it and let’s both give it some thought. Do you have any questions for me?
Would you like my phone number?
What’s your mailing address, in case I decide to send you an offer?_______________________________
Work phone? _______________ Email address? __________________Fax number?_______________

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