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Follow a right format while writing the testimonial stating the character of a person

Testimonial letter is the letter written by a person who had a personal experience with that particular product or brand. These testimonials may be positive or negative. However, few testimonials are like endorsements to use the products. Apart from products, this letter is also written by a person telling about a person’s character to another and recommending them personally. These letters hold the witness for the facts written in the letter about a person. These testimonial letters are usually written by teachers, employers and professors who are in a position to recommend someone for a job or for doing other tasks. This letter actually gives a clear picture about the person. The other party does not need to go and check the person’s conduct personally.

This Testimonial letter stands as a concrete witness to the character, ability and the nature of a person. These letters play a vital role, when a new employer is recruiting the person or when a person is joining an education institution or would like to get a scholarship. This letter can also be submitted in the court to prove their innocence. It is not an easy task to write a testimonial letter. There should be proper opening and closing of the letter with right salutation. Ideally, this letter should be loaded with the person attributes, talent that he/she has, and forte that he/she possessed. In simple words, this testimonial gives a brief idea about the person’s character without actually seeing him/her. This letter has to be written by the person who known the aspirant from a long time.

The format of this letter should be like in the first paragraph, you have to write about the person’s character and in the next paragraph, you have to write about the prowess and strengths of the person and in the last paragraph, you should give the reason of why you are recommending him/her for that role.

Testimonial Letter Testimonial Letter

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