short offer letter good condition

Short offer letter good condition

The short offer letter good condition is written to an institution by the company which states in the letter that they have under contract the property to purchase. They intend purchasing it with cash and want the institution to schedule a closing on a specific date post the institution accepts the short sale request. Once the closing is done, the funds will be wired within 48 hours.

In the letter the details are also mentioned that the property is purchased for the sum mentioned and based on the information given to them by the local agent whose details are also mentioned, the offer is lesser than the sum of the mortgage balance which is current.

In this short sale request it states what are the repairs that are needed to be undertaken on the property and that the documentation which was requested for approval of the short pay off offer has also been included.

As per the letter it informs the institution that the owners need to vacate the property and that the premises will needed to be checked and secured by the company. The taxes as well as all the costs which are incurred with the purchase will also be paid back by the company. The letter finally states that the purchase is with an as-is condition and without any contingencies. The sellers will not receive compensation from the sale either.

This letter along with the address, name, phone, and fax number is then sent to the institution.

Short Offer Letter- Good Condition

Short Offer Letter- Good Condition

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Sample Template Preview

short offer letter- good condition

Your Company Name
Company Address
City, state, Zip
Phone: (555) 555-5555     Fax: (444) 444-4444


To: Institution Name
Attn: Loss Mitigation Rep. Name
Phone: (agency Phone)
Fax: (agency Fax)

RE:  Short Sale Request
Acct.# xxxxxxxxxx
Property Address  123 Main St;

Dear Mr. / Ms

I currently have the above property under contract to purchase. We intend to do this with cash and would like to schedule a closing on___________________(closing date)`pending your acceptance of the short sale request. Funds can be wired within 48hrs of closing.

This property supports a purchase price of$_______________________ based on information from a local agent _________________________(agent name).  The offer is les than the current mortgage balance.

The short sale request is reflective of the following property condition re marketing concerns:

(Insert Repairs)

As per our previous conversations, we have enclosed the requested documentation needed for approval of the short pay off offer to include;

(Short pay off)

Please advise as the owners have vacated the property and we would like to keep a check and secure the premises. We may be contacted @ _________________(your number).  We will pay all back taxes and cost associated with the purchase. The $____________________ will reflect a” Net’ to your institution.

The purchase is “As Is” with no contingencies. The sellers are to receive no compensation from this sale. Let me know if you need anything further to get this one approved.

(Your name)
(Your phone and Fax)