Sample Letter Offer to Junior Lienholder

Sample Letter Offer to Junior Lienholder

The sample letter offer to the junior lien holder is written on the letterhead and it is dated. This is usually addressed to the second mortgage company. In this letter the loan number is mentioned and the person informs the bank representative that the letter is an offer for a certain sum of money which will serve as the full payment for the loan on the property which is mentioned. It states that due to the foreclosure which is being done that the amount of lien which is of the bank will be wiped out during the sale.

Considering the fact that the persons who have the property are going through hard times, as well as the fact that the property is under bad conditions, the writer of the letter urges the bank to accept the offer which is made and any deficiencies be wiped out or waived off.

The letter also contains the details of the authorization for the release as well as the hardship letter. Attached to the letter is also the comparable sales of the area as well as the photos of the premises and the estimate given by the contractor for repairs to be done to the place.

The writer of the letter urges the bank to assist so that they can close the deal as soon as possible. For that reason an approval is needed from the bank.

This letter is usually written by an investor who wants to purchase the property in question.

Sample Letter Offer To Junior Lienholder

Sample Letter Offer To Junior Lienholder

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Sample Template Preview

Sample Letter/Offer to Junior Lienholder

Your Letterhead


Second Mortgage
Attn: Mr. Bank Rep

Re: Loan No. 44444

Dear Mr. Bank Rep:

This letter serves as our offer of $1,000.00 as payment in full for the above-referenced loan on property located at 123 Address Street, Somewhere, Florida.

As you are aware, Bob and Sally are facing foreclosure and the sale date is coming up soon.  I’m sure you’ve been notified of the foreclosure and that your lien of $25,000.00 will be wiped out at the sale.

Due to the extreme hardship Bob and Sally are under as well as the condition of the property, we not only urge you to accept our offer, but we request that you also waive any deficiency judgment in your favor.

Also attached, please find my authorization to release, hardship letter, comparable sales in the area, photos, and contractor’s estimate of repairs.

We are trying to close as soon as possible and need your assistance to make this deal work.

Upon your review of the attachments, please contact us as soon as possible at the letterhead number to discuss your approval.

Thank you for your consideration and prompt attention to this matter.


Investor Bill