Mortgage Broker Submission- ShortSale

Advantages of getting a Mortgage Broker

Getting a mortgage broker can be very effective in making sure that you get the best service for your existing property. He can be very effective in giving you the per customer for your house in case you are looking to sell one and perfect house if you are looking to buy one. Most of the mortgage brokers are usually ready to handle many customers which makes them a perfect alternative to show you houses. They can also be of huge benefit if you do not have time to take care of your house and want to consider other things.

Your Mortgage Broker Submission will do all the legwork in finding the comfortable for your requirements and bolster you all through the whole application and settlement process, including doing all the printed material, sourcing pre-endorsement, helping you to apply for any administration awards or motivating forces that you might be qualified for, and staying up with the latest with the advancement of your application. This liberates you up to stay concentrated on discovering your optimal home – a period devouring undertaking in itself!

Speedy and simple credit examinations

Going straight to your flow bank limits you to an extremely contract scope of potential home advances, yet examining of the considerable number of choices would take quite a while to finish all alone. A home loan intermediary who takes an ideal opportunity to investigate your individual circumstances and objectives, and who has admittance to an assortment of credits and banks, can rapidly recognize the right choices for your necessities.

Mortgage Broker Submission

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Sample Template Preview

Mortgage Broker Submission

The Pinnacle Group, LLC.
Address, City, State, Zipcode
Phone: 254-000-0000     Fax: 254-000-0000

To:        Your Broker / Lender

From:         You or your Salesperson

Re:        Financing (for your prospect’s name)


Can you please take a look at this application to see what kind of LTV you can do
based on his score?

Borrower:         Your prospects name

Social Security #    123-45-6789

Purchase Price:    $149,500

Down Payment:      $8,000

Loan Amount:    $141,500

Property:         1234 Jones Street, Anywhere, Georgia 30005

I am attaching his application which authorizes you to pull his credit.  Please keep in mind that he states he can afford $1,250 per month so can you select a financing
program that allows his principal and interest payment to be somewhere near that figure?  Also, if he cannot get financed today, does he look like a good candidate once
he has a track record of paying for 12 months?

Thanks in advance for all of your help.

You or your salesperson