Influencing the BPO Conversation

Art of carrying out a BPO conversation

Small talk is very important for business cultures across the world in order to build trust and rapport.  It is very important factor influencing the BPO conversation. Even though there are slight differences in small talk, there are many common aspects.  Common goal or aspect of small talk is not to sound like a robot or to break the ice. All it is required to improve the soft skill is to use few small questions or sentences to start the conversation. Below mentioned are few pointers to be kept in mind while dealing with clients.

What can you ask or say? – The foremost thing influencing the BPO conversation is to ask the right questions at the beginning the conversation or how do you start off the conversation.  For instance, if you are making the call on a Monday, then you could start off by asking how the weekend was.  Always you should attempt to follow up the answer given by them by making a statement or asking one more open-ended question.

Be careful of non-verbal behavior– You should always sound happy and upbeat. Try to smile while talking and sound interested.  It is best to vary the voice and you should not sound monotonous. If you do not know how you sound, it is best to do a mock conversation and record it. It is the best way to learn how you sound.

Think about the choice of word– Even though English is an universally accepted common language. The words used in a conversation differ from place to place. For instance, in India, people use the word ‘weekend’ for Sunday and Saturday, while in USA people use the word ‘holiday’.

Influencing The Bpo Conversation

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Sample Template Preview

Influencing the BPO Conversation

The Realtor/Appraiser Call:

The appraiser or Broker will call in.  You may answer the phone or may be returning their call.  “Thank you for calling ____________________ (Their First Name). Are you having a good (morning, afternoon, week)?  When would you like to get into the property to look around?  That is great!  As you may know I am the investor who is trying to purchase this home form the folks that are in foreclosure.  I am working with the bank on a short sale.  They are over leveraged on the property.  I am planning to purchase the property, make the necessary repairs and then…turn it into a rental property, sell the home, move into it myself, etc”…For more expensive homes the latter statement is more applicable. This gives the appraiser the feeling you ant more permanence with the property, not just quick cash. “ I am going to put a combination lock on the door so that you can get into the home, even if I am unable to be there.  It is a…push button, dial, adjustable number…lock, and the combination is ______.  Are you familiar with this kind of combo box?”  If they respond that it is a drive by appraisal and they do not need to get into the home, then suggest that you will leave the combo box on the door anyway.  Explain that there are many repairs that must be made in order for the property to be marketable.   This is the lead for the influential part of the conversation.  “ I have had an estimate done for the work to be done on the property.  I would be more than happy to fax it to you so that you can see the repairs that need to be made.  What is your fax number?  Do you have any idea what the home will appraise for?  I ran some “comps,” and I believe the property in its current condition to be worth about $_____________.  Thank you for your time.  If there is anything else I can do to help please let me know.  (Give your contact information if you called them) Have a great day.”