Copy of Projected Foreclosure to REO Cost Analysis 2nd lein

Download the Copy of Projected Foreclosure to REO Cost Analysis form from the internet to prepare the cost analysis

Are you looking for Copy of Projected Foreclosure to REO Cost Analysis 2nd lien? Then, there are various forms available on the internet. You can download the one that has all the terms and conditions clearly and covered with all the vital details. However, if you are not satisfied with the forms available on the internet, then you can hire an attorney to prepare it in a professional way without any legal jargons. Ideally, you need to fill the net sheet, the days between the foreclosure filing to the auction date, average number of days on the market while in REO, time taken to close the REO sale successfully, and the number of days taken to resell. These are a few vital details that you found in the form. Most importantly, this Copy of Projected Foreclosure to REO Cost Analysis 2nd lien form even includes the address and the account number.

Ideally, this form has first lien holder mortgage status, which actually includes the date on which they made the last payment from the foreclosure auction, balance due, interest rate, the interest left to be paid, tax and insurance arrears, HOA arrears and the fee you would need to pay for the attorney. Basically, when you sum up these costs, it would give the costs to pay the superior lien. Alongside, the second lien holder mortgage status includes last date of payment of the foreclosure auction, principal balance due, the rate of interest, monthly interest rate, arrears of interest, yearly taxes, and tax arrears of the previous years, insurance, insurance arrears, monthly HOA fee, HOA arrears, fee to be paid to the lawyer, eviction cost, and state transfer tax. Basically, these are the expenses to be paid by the institution.

Copy Of Projected Foreclosure To Reo Cost Analysis Copy Of Projected Foreclosure To Reo Cost Analysis
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Sample Template Preview

Projected Foreclosure to REO Cost Analysis

Net Sheet For:  ______________________________

Minimum Days from foreclosure filing to auction date    _____________ days
Average days on market while in REO (average holding in area) _______ days
Total time to close REO sale                                             _____________ days
Total days to Resell (add above 3 totals)                        _____________ days

Subject Property Facts:

Address                Acct#

1st Lien Holder Mortgage Status

Date of Last payment until Foreclosure auction
Principal Balance Due
Interest rate
Interest arrears
Tax arrears
Insurance arrears
HOA Arrears
Attorney Fee’s
Total cost to satisfy superior lien

Monthly Cost
2nd lien Holder Mortgage Status

Last payment date until foreclosure auction                       _________ Months
Principal Balance Due (before cost)                                $ _________
Interest Rate                                                                        _________%
Monthly Interest (Principal * Rate / 12)                          $ _________
Interest arrearage ___months
($_______ is an average amount not paid in
interest your institution is loosing per month)                       $ _________
Yearly Taxes
Tax arrears
Prior Years taxes
Insurance Yearly
Insurance arrears
HOA Fees Monthly
HOA Arrearage
Attorney Fees
State Transfer Tax (issued deed to institution)
Eviction Cost
Expenses incurred by (Institution Name)

Projected Resale & Holding time (REO)

Time from foreclosure auction to REO sale (approximately)
Projected BPO
Average Seller Price Concession (3%)
6% Realtor Commission
Interest during ___ months holding
Taxes during ____ months holding
Insurance during ___ months holding
HOA Fees during ____ months holding
Attorney Fees during __ months holding
Other associated cost with holding
(Change locks, winterization, utilities, yard upkeep
Projected Resale & Holding Expenses
Total Expenses

Net Income at REO Sale
( BPO less total expense )