2nd lien holder offer request – Poor condition

What is 2nd lien holder offer request – Poor condition?

The do it without anyone’s help strategy is otherwise called available to be purchased by proprietor. Similarly as with anything that needs proficient support, offering your home with the guide of a real estate broker is going to cost you. On the other side in any case, offering your home available to be purchased by proprietor can likewise cost you, however not as much.

The decision of 2nd lien holder offer request – Poor condition comes down to the topic of what you might most want to spare, time or cash. In the event that using a broker you will spare yourself some time however not as a matter of course heaps of time in light of the fact that there is a level of contribution that you should keep up so as to choose the best arrangement for your particular circumstance. On the off chance that offering your home available to be purchased by proprietor, you will in reality spare yourself heaps of cash in light of the fact that the main thing you are paying for out of pocket is the expense of your notice strategies.

Offering your home through a real estate agent can be a costly strategy as well as a troublesome choice procedure when attempting to choose which land organization to experience. When this choice is made, you should now work with the real estate broker to arrange your terms and conditions for the offer of your home.

The broker is paid by definite offering cost of your home. A commission of anywhere in the range of 1 to 3 percent is charged at the end.

2Nd Lien Holder Offer Request-- Poor Condition

2Nd Lien Holder Offer Request-- Poor Condition

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Sample Template Preview

2nd lien holder offer request– Poor condition

Your Company Name
Company Address
City, state, Zip
Phone: (555) 555-5555     Fax: (444) 444-4444
(poor condition)


To: Institution Name
Attn: Loss Mitigation Rep. Name
Phone: (agency Phone)
Fax: (agency Fax)

RE:  Short Sale Request
Acct.# xxxxxxxxxx
Property Address  123 Main St;

Dear Mr. / Ms

Pursuant to a previous conversation with Mr. and Ms. ________________(sellers Last name), we have the above property under contract.

This is a request for a short sale offer to pay off the account. As you are aware the property has sustained major demolition in the preliminary stages of a major rehab.  Several interior walls one of which is weight bearing must be removed and others added.

The Fist Mortgage ____________________ (Institution Name) is accepting a discount as they realize their  will be a problem regaining their full balance at sale as the fair market value, property condition coupled with the high LTV make recovery a losing proposition.

The City has cited the owners  several major code violations and will cloud title to prevent transfer unless contacted about the repairs to bring the property to code. with your permission we will handle this issue pending the short sale acceptance.  There are also several thousand in back ad valorum Taxes which supersede all liens on the property.

The net funding to ___________________ (Institution Name) will be $________________ at closing. We will pay all other fees and cost associated with this purchase. Please find the proposed Hud reflecting your “Net”.

I am certain you will find the BPO to parallel this offer. Do you need to see anything else other than a BPO in order to make a decision?  Please advise!

(Your name)
(Contact number and Fax)