Radon inspection

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Radon inspection

In recent times in the United States there has been more and more reports of elevated Radon levels in houses.  Radon is a gas that is emitted from the radioactive material Radium, which is generally seen in the soil. This radon enters the houses like smoke and could be one of the leading causes of cancer. It cannot be seen or smelled.

The United States has Radon offices in every state /area. If you have to test your house for radon levels, all one has to do is get in touch with the radon offices for a complete radon inspection. The radon inspection could be done with a long term test or with two short term tests. If the radon tests reveal that your radon level is 4 or more pci/L then your house needs to be fixed. The acceptable levels are 2 pci/l or less.

A short term device could be a charcoal canister which is passive device that needs to be left in your house between 2 to 90 days. There are qualified labs that do these tests and could cost you lesser than ten dollars. The long term tests use alpha truck detectors and need to be left in your house for more than 90 days.

Before you buy, sell or move into a new house ensure that the house is radon inspected. The inspection results have to be a recently updated else you should call for another test to save yourselves from radon exposure and ultimately from lung cancer.

Radon Inspection