Overview of Purchase bid short form

 This is a form to give a proposal for any property that you are willing to purchase. You will need to give a full description of the property that is on sale. You will need to give the address where the property is located along with the price that you quote for and the means of the payment. It is a deal to make offer to purchase the newly constructed property. It is quick as it gives an offer to make new bids if the previous one is declined. It is flexible and is easy to use. There are many conditions that need to be fulfilled before the contract is made successfully.

There could be many bids on the same property that will come along. It is the owner’s choice to select the best of all the bids that are there for its property. The better the bids are the better the chances to get the property in your name. By the very term bid we could explain to you that it is the total price by a buyer the he / she is willing to pay for a property. This is important for you to know the purchase bid as then only you will be able to put a reasonable bid to purchase a property. There will be many bidders but that should not scare you away to bid your price.

Purchase Bid - Short Form

Purchase Bid - Short Form

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Sample Template Preview


(Name) _____________________________________
(Address) ___________________________________
(City and State) _______________________________

1.  I hereby propose to purchase property owned by you at __________________________
________________________________________________________________ (address)
and described as ___________________________________________________________,
for the total price of ________________________________________________________
Dollars ($___________________), payable as follows: _________________ (insert terms of payment).

2.  Title delivered to me shall be commercially acceptable, title free and clear of all liens, reservations, exceptions, and encumbrances except ______________________ (insert any acceptable defects).

I hereby make payment to you as earnest money and as a deposit toward the purchase price (written amount) ___________________ Dollars ($__________________), which total is ___________________ (paid over to (name) ____________________ as your agent and broker or delivered to you as negotiable check). In the event this proposition becomes unacceptable the earnest deposit shall be returned to me.

4.  Unless sooner repealed by me this proposition terminates at ________________.m., on ___________________ (date). Written acceptance shall be delivered to me at __________________________________________ (address).

___________________________ (Signature)        Dated: _________________

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