All about purchase bid personal property

When someone sells their home away many a time they do not intend to take away the stuff that is there in the house. This may have many reasons such as they want to move to a new home with all the fittings and accessories that are new or they need money for some other venture for which they intend to sell of everything they have.

For this the buyer must sign a purchase bit personal property. This is a legally binding document that intends to certify that the seller of the property has sold off the personal property as well and the contract is accepted by both the parties.

When the purchaser purchases both real estate and the personal property associated with it whether it is detachable or is fixed to the property the seller as well as the purchaser have to sign this document which can be later used as evidence in the court of law.

The items that can be included in the list of personal property being purchased are

  • All the plumbing items
  • All the heating items such as water heating systems
  • Electrical lines
  • The circuits
  • Electrical fixtures as well as equipments
  • Electrical appliances such as clothes washers as well as dryer
  • All the accessories in the bathroom
  • All the electrical heaters that are either detached or detachable
  • All wall to wall carpeting as well as the floor coverings
  • All the letter boxes whether they are exterior or interior

Purchase Bid - Personal Property

Purchase Bid - Personal Property

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Sample Template Preview


The following shall be considered a legally binding amendment to the agreement made between ___________________ and ___________________, dated ______________,
for the sale of __________________________________________________________.

This bid covers the following personal property, contained within or on the real property detailed below, regardless of whether the property is a fixture to the realty and exclusive of its attachment method to or use on said property:
(list property, such as: any and all plumbing, heating, water heating and electrical lines, circuits, electrical fixtures and equipment; appliances such as cloths washers; clothes
dryers; all attached bathroom accessories; all detached or detachable electric heaters; all window dressings; all wall-to-wall carpeting; all floor coverings, whether attached or detached; all letter boxes, exterior and interior, etc.).

____________________________________                                 _________________
Signature                                        Date

____________________________________                                 _________________
Signature                                Date

____________________________________                                 _________________
Witness                                Date