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Property described map reference

The property described map reference is a document which states that the real estate lies in the county of the state and this is referred to by lots. The details of the lot number for the property are mentioned and it is stated that on the registered map of the area it is recorded. This is also called as the recorded plat survey system or it is sometimes known as the recorded map survey system. This is also commonly known as and referred to as the lot and block system and is followed in the US as well as Canada and is specially beneficial in areas where it is densely populated like in the suburbs as well as in the exurbs and in the metropolitan areas which have high density of dwellings in it.   This recording is done in the deed book and the number of the deed book is also mentioned in the document along with the page number where the specified lot is referred to. It also states where and in which County Clerk’s office the deed book can be found.

In the document the entire details of the real estate are described and this not only is limited to the description of the real estate but also as to how it needs to be handled. This document is then signed and dated by all the parties which are concerned with that particular lot number or that particular property. This is especially beneficial when the property is about to change hands.

Property Described Map Reference