Notice of Seller’s Nonliability for Improvements by Purchase

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Are you planning to sell your farm house that is in good condition, but do not want the purchaser to make any improvement to the farmhouse until the purchasers pay the entire amount for the land? Then, you need to prepare a Notice of Seller’s Nonliability for Improvements by Purchase. This notice has to be prepared by the seller prior to selling the property to give a clear notice to the purchaser that they should not make any kind of refurbishments to the property. This notice has to be prepared by an experienced and professional lawyer to avoid legal jargons and disputes between you and the buyer in the near future. This is the notice that has to be prepared by the seller. Most importantly, this should include the date on which the buyer and seller have entered into an agreement of buying and selling their land. In addition, this notice should include the address of the land which you are selling.

Usually, this Notice of Seller’s Nonliability for Improvements by Purchase will include a clause that, the purchasers should not make any improvements to the seller land unless, they get the material and labor with their money and pay a specified amount to the seller. Most importantly, this clause includes a point that, no building material will be unloaded at the property site until and unless the purchaser will make half of the payment for the purchased land. If the purchaser has paid half amount for the property, then he/she can make improvement to the property happily. The purchaser has no right to make any changes or improvement to the property without the permission of the owner. In case if a purchaser makes improvement by paying half amount, then they have to get the material and labor for improving the property without putting the seller’s land as indemnity.

Notice Of Seller's Nonliability For Improvements By Purchase
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Sample Template Preview

Notice of seller’s nonliability for improvements by purchaser.

To _________:
Please take notice that in an agreement entered into on _________[date] between the undersigned and _________, for the purchase of my land in _________, known as the _________ farm, situated in _________ County, _________, there is a clause, reading as follows:
“The purchasers shall not make any improvements of any kind on the above described land, unless and until they shall have either obtained personal credit for the material and labor or provided in some satisfactory manner for the payment of it, so as to exempt and release the demised land from all materialmen’s and mechanics’ liens on account of such improvement. There shall be no buildings materially altered nor torn down until at least one-half of the purchase price of the land has been paid, and then only with the consent of the seller, all such improvements to remain as a part of the real estate.”
No repairs or improvements are to be made without my knowledge or consent except according to the terms of the agreement mentioned and you are notified that my land will not be liable for the payment of any material or labor to make repairs or improvements on the above-described land belonging to me.