Notice of Lien and Sale

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Sign on lien and sale notice after reading the clauses thoroughly

Are you looking for templates to prepare Notice of Lien and Sale? Then, you can download these forms from the online or hire an attorney to get this notice prepared without any legal jargons and by including all the terms and conditions. Usually, it is recommended to hire an attorney to prepare this notice, since these people have ample experience on how to prepare a notice without any legal knots. Generally, the notice of lien and sale is given by the undersigned to the owner of the property. This notice includes the owner’s name and address.

The main intention of giving this notice by undersigned is to claim the lien on the property for the services that he/she has rendered to the property owner. This notice should include the description of the property, for which services the undersigned is claiming the lien and the amount you need to pay to the undersigned. Most importantly, this notice also includes the number of days from which the charges remained unpaid. However, if the amount is not repaid to the undersigned on or before the given deadline, then the undersigned possess the right to sell the property to the public organization or individuals and get the amount. This notice has to be signed by both the owner and the undersigned along with the date. It is very important for both the parties to read the notice carefully without being in haste. Usually, if the owner does not repay the debt to the undersigned on time, then the undersigned possess all rights to file a lawsuit and sell the property without giving any notice to the owner.

Notice Of Lien And Sale