Final Statement on Sale of Real Property By Broker (Type 2)

Selling a Property: How the Final Statement Should Be?

Many people who are selling their property for the first time to a broker are often not aware about how a final statement for their deal with broker is supposed to be. If you are also into this confusion then here is a brief description about the final statement on sale of real property by broker (Type 2).

  • There should be a point about the amount of cash balance you have received from the buyer.
  • A point about down payments should also be the part of the final statement.
  • Another point should be about charges against seller.
  • A point about title policy or abstract extension should also be included in the statement.
  • Recording fees and attorney’s fees are other mandatory points to be included in the final statement on property sale to the broker.
  • There should be point about documentary stamps in the final statement by a broker.
  • A point labelled “paid for sellers account” should also be a part of the statement.
  • Two separate points for mortgages and delinquent taxes and unpaid special assessments should also be included in the final statement for sale of property by the broker.
  • A point for other advances should also be there in the final statement.
  • There should be a separate point for commissions too.
  • Services will form another point in the statement.
  • Total, less charges against seller and balance paid seller should also be included in the final statement in three different points.
  • Signature and date should be mentioned at the end of the statement.
Final Statement On Sale Of Real Property By Broker (Type 2)

Final Statement On Sale Of Real Property By Broker (Type 2)

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Sample Template Preview


Charges         Due Seller
Cash Balance received from buyer:     __________
Down Payments:                 __________
Charges Against Seller
Abstract Extension or Title Policy:         __________
Recording Fees:                 __________
Attorneys Fees:                 __________
Documentary Stamps:             __________
Paid for Sellers Account
Mortgages:                     __________
Delinquent Taxes and Unpaid Special
Assessments:                 __________
Other Advances:                 __________
Commission:                 __________
Services (Itemize):                 __________
TOTAL                     __________
BALANCE PAID SELLER         __________

_________________________        _____________________
Signature                     Date

_________________________        _____________________
Signature                     Date