Against Legacy Charged on Premises Sold

Against Legacy Charged on Premises Sold

As per the agreement against legacy charged on premises sold, it states that the obligors have negotiated a sale and that sale is made with the obligee. This is done for a specific piece of land and the buildings or apartment complexes or the improvements which are erected on the land. The details of the address of the land and the county as well as the state where the land is situated are then mentioned and it is stated that as per the will of the person who is mentioned in the document, who has lately been dead, the legacy amount which is stipulated in the document is made.

This is charged on the premises as well as the lands and it is as per the terms and conditions which have been agreed upon during the negotiations that the obligors need to execute joint and several bonds for the amount which is stipulated and mentioned and that the obligors as well as their heirs or administrators and executors need to indemnify the obligee for the amount which was mentioned. This is for the premises mentioned in the document. This is also by the will of the testator and it needs to be payable out of the property as well as the interest which comes from the property and this is for the accounts, claims, actions as well as demands in respect for either the entire legacy or part of the legacy or any interest of the legacy.

Against Legacy Charged On Premises Sold

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Sample Template Preview

Against legacy charged on premises sold.

Obligors have negotiated the sale to the above-named obligee of certain land and the buildings on it, situated at _________, in the County of _________, which are bounded and described as follows. By the will of _________, lately deceased, a legacy of $_____ is made a charge upon the premises and other lands, and it was agreed in the negotiation of sale that obligors should execute their joint and several bond in the penal sum expressed with the following conditions: If obligors or either of them, their or either of their heirs, executors, or administrators, shall, at all times keep indemnified the obligee, h? heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, and also the premises recited above to be conveyed to obligee, h? heirs, and assigns, as provided above, and every part of it, against the payment of the legacy, or sum of $_____, by the will of testator made payable in part out of the above-described property, and all interest to become due for the same, and against all actions, accounts, claims, and demands for or in respect of the same legacy, or any part of it, or any interest for the same, or in any wise relating to it, then the above-written bond shall be void; otherwise it shall remain in full force.