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Rental Property Pet Application

Rental Property Pet Application

Rental Property Pet Application

Numerous landlords permit leaseholders to keep pets in their rented property. They do the same since they see some perks to their land or they love pets – for example, a wider pool of leaseholders, or reduced leaseholder turnover. Though, permitting pets on the property can create risks, from extra damage to property to pet-persuaded injuries. Here are some tips to decrease the risks linked with pet-friendly rentals.

Contain a Pet-Agreement in the rent

You can lessen the danger created by keeping pets on the property by making chic pet policies, and placing them into a pet-agreement with the help of rental property pet application. This gives notice to leaseholders that their continuous contract based on honoring these policies. Necessitate that all leaseholders sign the pet-agreement, also the non-pet owners. In this way, if a leaseholder gets a pet afterward, he/she already knows the stated rules and what is anticipated if they want to live in their house.

Below are some general provisions to think about having in your pet-agreement.

  • Recognize the allowed types of pets
  • Permit only pets you grant
  • Necessitate proper vaccinations, licenses, and identification
  • Make leaseholder accountable for their pets
  • Think about charging a fee for pets

Make it simple to transform the pet-agreement

Occasionally, you may wish to alter your policy about pets. For instance, you may make a decision to no longer permit cats. So you can effortlessly make a transformation, mention in your pet-agreement that you have reserved the right to revise the rules by providing leaseholder logical notice (normally 30 days).

Rental Property Pet Application

Rental Property Pet Application

Sample Rental Property Pet Application Form Template


Download Printable Rental Property Pet Application Template

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