Property Loan Information Verification Sheet

Make a loan information verification sheet to determine the amount to be repaid

Have you availed loan on your property to fulfill your financial obligations? Then, it is important for you to prepare a property Loan Information Verification Sheet. This sheet will give a clear insight about the loan amount you have repaid and the loan amount that is remaining. Usually, people who are planning to sell their property and if it is under mortgage, then preparing this form gives a clear cut idea for them on how much time it takes for them to repay the loan and the amount that they have to repay to the lender. Usually, you can find a professional and clear Property Loan Information Verification Sheet in online. However, this verification sheet is mostly used by the banks. Basically, when the borrower is planning to apply for another loan apart from the current loan, then this verification sheet is being prepared by the bank to check whether or not he/she is eligible to take another loan

Usually, this form includes the property name. This sheet has various details and after verifying all the details, it is signed by the respective authority along with the date. Basically, this verification form has the date on which the loan was approved and the amount that was credited to the borrower’s account. Most importantly, this includes the type of loan that is being borrowed by the borrower such as FHA, VA, Con, or Non-Con. This even has the maturity date, the interest the borrower has to pay and the left over principal balance amount. Interestingly, this even has the status of payments and the late fees and other charges that are paid by the borrower. Alongside, this sheet also has the delay payments made and the penalty the borrower paid for making pre-payment. Most importantly, this even has information of whether the loan has a balloon and whether the taxes and insurance is escrowed or not.

Property Loan Info Verification Sheet

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Sample Template Preview

Property Loan Information Verification Sheet

Property:___________________            Date Verified: ___________
1. Loan Origination Date                    __________________
2. Loan Origination Amount                 __________________
3. Type of Loan (FHA, VA, Con, Non-Con)        __________________
4. Maturity date?                        __________________
5. Current interest rate?                    __________________
6. Current principal balance?                __________________
7. Current status (payments current?)            __________________
8. Outstanding late fees or other charges?            __________________
9. Date of month when payment is due?            __________________
10. Does it have a prepayment penalty?            __________________
11. Does it have a balloon?                    __________________
12. Are Taxes & Insurance Escrowed?            __________________