Notice of overdue rent

Once in a while, an occupant may give you late rent due to some circumstances. But if he/she make late rent payment frequently, it is worthwhile to send them a notice of overdue rent. Given that the grace-period has not terminated yet, a gracious reminder works well, and leaves a document trail of message. Save yourself the headaches and time and just send a notice via fax, e-mail or snail mail. In this way, you job can get done with no argument, and also it saves you too.

A notice for previous due rent should just include information and should never include any downbeat comments regarding the occupant. The lease contract with regard to the property must embark the rental amount, the due date plus the fine for not giving the rent on due date.

Also you should consider the below key points –

  • Notice should be send instantly after the final due date of payment.
  • The notice should have specific and clear directions on where, when or how to make payment (certified funds or cash only). Be specific concerning any transformation to place etc.
  • Mention any late fee due and if they are about to be added with rental payment
  • Be certain your notices symbolize your lease contract and is in fulfillment with your state and local laws
  • Point out just late payment sums that are compliant with the law

A gracious reminder is occasionally all that’s required to get your occupants to pay on specific time.

Notice Of Overdue Rent

Notice Of Overdue Rent

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Sample Template Preview




Your rent of $__________ for the period of _____________________________ has not been received as of the above date.

Please be reminded that your rent was due on _________________________. Also, our lease agreement provides for a late charge of ______________________.

Your rent, including applicable late charges, should be sent to: