New Property/New Tenant Information

Prepare new property and tenant details to avoid litigations with finance department

Are you planning to prepare New Property/New Tenant Information? Then, you need to download this sheet from online or hire an attorney to get this form prepared. This form includes the new property details and new tenant’s details clearly. The first and foremost thing that has to be entered in this sheet is the person who is preparing this information. In this preparer’s field, he/she has to enter their name. The new property address and approximate retail value have to be entered in their designated fields. Usually, for this new property, it is important to have the seller information. This sheet includes the seller’s name, his/her social security number, seller mobile number, date of birth, and date on which the property was acquired by him/her. This New Property/New Tenant Information has to be filled without any errors, since any errors may results in legal disputes in the near future.

Usually, the duty of the preparers is to check whether all the documents that are with the seller are signed or not. Most importantly, this should include the trustee name and the beneficiary who is going to get benefitted. If the seller has availed a loan on this property, then it is important to include the lender’s name, phone number, loan number, amount to be paid every month, and the approximate loan balance. It is important for the preparers to check with the seller on whether or not the property need to be reinstated, the insurance escrowed, whether or not the mortgage company know that the seller is transferring the property to others name, etc.

Most importantly, this sheet should include the investor’s name, date of loan, loan amount, amount to be paid monthly, first loan amount to be paid, and first payment due. Apart from the new property details, this sheet also includes new tenant details such as tenant name, tenancy term period, phone number, occupation, monthly lease payment, date on which payment to be made, security deposits, late fee terms, the amount deducted for repairing the property, and prorated amount. After filling the details, this has to be signed by the accounts department along with the date.

New Property Or New Tenant Info

New Property Or New Tenant Info

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Sample Template Preview

New Property/New Tenant Information

Name of Preparer    _________________________

Property Address    _______________________________________ Approximate ARV_____________


Name of Seller    _________________________    Social Security No. ______________________

Seller’s Phone Number ________________________     Seller’s Birthdate ________________________

Date of Acquisiton ____________________________    All documents complete and signed? Yes or No

Name of Trustee    _________________________     Beneficiary:  ___________________________

Name of Lender    _________________________    Loan Number __________________________
Lender Phone No.    _________________________    Approximate Loan Balance _______________
Amount of Monthly Payment on Loan $___________    Need to Reinstate?  Yes/No  (Verify Amount)

Did we assume existing insurance?    Yes or No            Is Insurance Escrowed?    Yes or No            Need new Insurance    Yes or No         Do we need to get refund?    Yes or No

Does Mortgage Company Know of Transfer?    Yes or No        Assumable or Non-assumable?

Are Investor Notes and Deed of Trusts necessary?    Yes or No        Completed or released?

Name of Investor    ________________________     Amount of Loan _________________________
Date of Loan    ________________________     Normal Monthly Payment _________________    First Payment Due ____________________        Amount of First Payment __________________


Tenant    Name    _______________________________    Term of Tenancy ___________ to __________
Tenant Phone No.(s) Home _____________________    Work _________________________________

Monthly Lease Payment $________ Monthly Option Payment $______Total Monthly Payment $________

Security Deposit/Option Down Payment $_________    Refundable or Non-refundable?

Prorated Amount if Any _______________________     Date Due ______________________________

Repair Deductible Amount  $___________________    Late Fee Terms _________________________

Have Utilities been taken out of our name?    Yes or No    Date Service Terminated __________________

Accepted by Accounting Department __________________________  Date Entered __________________