Landlord’s Rules and Regulations 3

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The Rules and Regulations of a Landlord

In order to ensure safety of their property, property owners often lay a set of rules and regulations for their tenants. Property can be anything like a piece of land, a house, a flat, shop etc. and the set of rules and regulations vary from property. So, here are some of the common Landlord’s rules and regulations for residential homes.

  • Landlord’s Rules and Regulations 1 -Tenants are supposed to use the residential premise only for residential purpose and not for business purpose. Also, they will obey the specified laws and do nothing that would damage the reputation or condition of the property as well as its owner.
  • Landlord’s Rules and Regulations 2 –Tenants will never do anything in or about the premises that would increase the likelihood of fire or disobey the fire and insurance regulations.
  • Landlord’s Rules and Regulations 3–Unless the landlord in the lease agreement allows for animals to be brought in the house, tenants are not supposed to bring them, regardless of the time and circumstances. Legally authorised guide dogs are the exception.
  • Landlord’s Rules and Regulations 4 –Tenants do not have the permission to change locks or keying unless permitted by the landlord.
  • Landlord’s Rules and Regulations 5 –It is the responsibility of the tenants to do reasonable housekeeping in order to keep their premises clean, neat and sanitised.

These are just the most common set of landlord’s rules and regulations and there can be several more that would vary from landlord to landlord and building to building.

Landlord's Rules And Regulations

Landlord's Rules And Regulations

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