Property Repair Checklist 2

What is Property repair?

Property repair involves the assessment of the property that you have so that your property is safe and in good condition. It will help you to keep your property in a very good condition both if you have to live in there as well as put it on sale. Better homes and property will allow you to get good resale value of the sale intended property that you might have. It is not once done lifetime work. To maintain your homes and property you need to take care of your property in every season repetitively. There need to be periodic maintenance to keep your property healthy.

If you keep a proper check in your property, it will help you save a lot of money that is caused for not maintaining your property. Once in a while emergencies can cost you a lot. With proper property management you will be helping yourself to re use a lot of appliances for a longer period of time. Water infiltration is one of the most drastic sources of property damages. Thus you need to take proper care to avoid such a situation. Always apply for property repairs so that you can maintain all your property at ease and never have to be worried of its damages. There are many categories of property repair. Such as:

  • Basement, damp and cellar waterproofing,
  • Dry rot treatment.
  • Management of quality air treatment.
  • Pests and bird control.
  • Woodworm and cavity repair and control, etc.

These were just some types of property repairs that can help you to save a lot if maintained properly.

Property Repair Checklist

Property Repair Checklist

Property Repair Checklist

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Sample Template Preview

Property Repair Checklist


Address                            Yr Built         Br/Ba         SqFt

Roof (curled, wavy)                                 $
Yard (gutters? dead trees? junk cars? fence? landscaping, extra lot? dimensions?)        $
Driveway (exist? broken? shared w/neighbor [easement]?)            $
Deck / Porch (add: dimensions/ repair) ?                    $
Gutters  (holes, missing drain pipes, non-existent)                $
Structural (rotten/sagging/missing beams, piers, sill plate?)             $
Crawl/Bsmt wet (seep thru found., re-slope yard/soil, leaky plumbing/HWH, furn drain line)?    $
Heat & A/C (furnace/compressor condition? exist? if no, electrical?)        $
Plumbing (galvanized/gray steel or white PVC) ?                $
Electrical (2-prong outlets? fuses/circ breakers? amps? skinny/thick main line?)        $
Paint exterior (brick?) & interior                            $
Paint Interior                                    $
Demolition (describe and guestimate qty of dumpsters and demo labor $10/hr )        $
Flooring (wobbly/weak :structural; water/urine stains, carpet over bad hdwds? % replacing)    $
Drywall (qty of new walls/ceil, wall/ceil patch) ? Insulation?            $
Carpentry Trim (stairs? new ceil moudling, baseboards, doors/window mould) ?        $
Kitchen (repair/replace cabs? appliances? sinks) ?                    $
Bathrooms  (repair/replace cabs? toilet? bath/sinks) ?                    $
Lighting Fixtures (lights, ceiling fans, security lights, smoke alarms) ?    $
Plumbing Fixtures (faucets, shower heads, sinks)                $
Windows / Doors (qty to replace/repair?)                    $
Insulation (Check if addt’l required in attic)                    $
Addition (size? remember to use addtl, after-addition, total sq footage in above formulas)    $
Alarm                                        $
Cleaning & Hauling                                $
Staging                                        $

Grand Total                                        $

Property Repair Estimator

We refer to a small house (no more than 1,200sq ft, probably worth no more than $100k), medium house (approx. 1,300-1,800 sq. ft, worth $100k-$150k), and large house (approx. 1900+ sq. ft, worth $150k ++). Most of the rehab formulas are based on the interior square footage of the house:

Roof: Tear-off & re-roof = $1.75 x sq. ft, if it has uneven decking=$2.75 x sq. ft;
Landscape: $250-$500 small, $500-$1,000 medium-large. Fence: $5 / ft chain link; $12 / ft wood/privacy ft
Driveway: Concrete driveway/sidewalk runs $5 per sq. ft (assuming normal height 2-4” pour)
Deck: $2,000 10×10, $3,000-$4,000 up to 15×15
Gutters: $550 small; $800-$1,000 mid-large
Structural: Replace/repair sill plate (jack up house) = $4000 for *entire sill plate* perimeter, or prorate for less. approx $200 – $400 / pier (brick/block/steel columns under house). Approx $300 / 12 ft joist/beam replaced.
HVAC:  New HVAC & duct: $3,500 small, $3,500-5,000 medium-large; add A/C only: 50% of full prices
Plumbing: Re-plumb (rough-in only) a whole house = $2,500-small, $3,000-medium, $3,500-large Water Heater = $300
Electric: All new wire: $3,000  small; $3,500-$4,000 medium-large; $1,500 to replace main box only
Paint: Interior: $2.50/sq. ft; exterior:$1.50/sq. ft
Flooring: Carpet/linoleum/refinish hardwoods: avg. $1.75/sq. ft; Install new hardwoods: $6-$6.50/sq. ft.
Drywall: Whole house $4.00/sq. ft.; additional $1.25/sq. ft. if ceilings also
Trim Carpentry: Trim interior/carpentry work runs about $2,500 small; $3,000-$5,000 medium; $5,000-$7,000 large
Kitchen:  Cabinetry, countertop, sink: full parts & labor is about $120/linear ft. of cabinets for decent kitchen, up to $150/ft for very nice kitchen. On average, a kitchen update costs appox.: $800-$1,500 (re-paint/repair cabs, replace countertop); and runs about $2,500-$4,000 to rebuild from scratch. Appliances: Gas Stove/oven:  $450-$550    Electric stove/oven: $275-$400   Dishwasher $220-$240 Refrigerator $600-1,000
Bathrooms: New: $1,000 medium-large; $1,500 for a nice master. Simple upgrade: $300-$600  Re-glaze tub $250-$300
Lighting Fixtures: Replace all light fixtures runs about $500 small, $800 medium-large
Plumbing Fixtures: Replace all plumbing fixtures runs about $500 small, $800 medium-large
Window/Doors: Replace , parts & labor $150 for avg. size double-hung window, $100 for interior door, $250-$700 for exterior door
Insulation: $450-600 for attic
Addition: Approx. $15 per sq ft added to cover the “rough-in skeleton” (foundation, roofing and wall framing only)
Alarm: $400-500 depending on number of motion detectors required
Cleaning: Final $300-$500 Dumpster: $250-$500 small jobs, $600-$1800 large job
Staging: Varies $400 – $700
Miscellaneous: Guesstimate hours of labor x $10 (unskilled) or $30-50/hr (skilled)
Tile:  Material: You can find liquidator products as low as $1.50/sq. ft. An avg. price for decent tile is about $2.50-$4.00/sq. ft.   Labor: $6-$10/sq.ft.

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