Indep Contractor Acknowledgement Agreement

What is Indep Contractor Acknowledgement Agreement?

Indep Contractor Acknowledgement Agreement is a legal document that is to be signed by the person who is working as an independent contractor as well as the company or person that hires the contractors. There are various elements that are of prime importance and need to be mentioned clearly as these provide legal protection for the parties that sign this agreement.

What is to be included in the agreement?

The agreement primarily should define the relationship between the contractor and the party that is hiring the contractor. Since this is not the employer and employee relationship it needs to be defined properly. This relationship primarily can control the outcome of the work but not the way the work is performed. There are many things like description of the type of services that the independent contractor will perform for the party that is hiring the independent contractor as well as the time for which the contractor is being hired or the time frames in which various works are to be done. The agreement should also mention the way the payment must be made and the time when the payment will be made to the independent contractor. This agreement is important from the point of view of the hiring party because it provides legal protection, prevents conflicts of interest and binds the contractor to maintain confidentiality and compliance with the provisions of the company hiring the contractor. Basically, the agreement is a great tool for all the parties signing it.

Indep Contractor Acknowledgement Agreement

Indep Contractor Acknowledgement Agreement

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Sample Template Preview

(Non-Employee Compensation Contract)

This agreement, made this _______ day of ________, 20___,  by and between ______________________________________, Contractor (hereinafter referred to as “Contractor”) and ______________________________________ Client (hereinafter referred to as Client) for services to be rendered at: ________________________________________________

It is understood that as an Independent Contractor _____________________________ is solely responsible to pay all employment taxes, including Federal and State withholding taxes, Social Security, and obtain insurance, including worker’s compensation coverage and public liability insurance rising out of the or relating to this Agreement. As such, the Contractor herewith agrees to sole and complete liability for any injury to self or Contractor’s worker’s. Contractor warrants that upon signing of this agreement that Contractor has obtained all stated and necessary insurance and that it will be kept in full force and effect until the completion of the work contracted herein. As such, Contractor herewith agrees to sole and complete liability for any injury to self or contractors workers.

As such, Contractor herewith agrees not to hold anyone else responsible for any claims or liabilities that may arise from this work or from any cause related to this work. Contractor herewith agrees to waive any rights that the Contractor has or may have to hold anyone liable for any reason as a result of this work.

______________________________        Date  _______________________
Independent Contractor

Tax Identity Number

______________________________        Date  _______________________