Contractor Lien Waiver

Contractor lien waiver- Know more about it

The contractor lien waiver is a document that is signed by the contractor and states that the payment for the project has been received and therefore they waive any lien rights t the property of the owner.

Types of lien waiver

There are basically four types of lien waiver that can be listed as follows:

  1. Conditional waiver on progress payment

This is one of the safest forms of waiver that is designed for the claimant. The waiver proves that if the payment has been done then there s no lien claim to the property of the owner.

  1. Unconditional waiver on progress

This is a time bound waiver that releases the claimant from any lien claim on the property after a specific date.

  1. Conditional waiver on final payment

The payment made up to date releases all the claimant rights in order to any mechanics lien.

  1. Unconditional waiver on final payment

This waiver is considered safest one for the owners as the mechanics lien on the owner’s property is released unconditionally. This type of release is issued only when the claimant is sure of the fact that all the work has been finished and the payment has been done.

All the types of lien waiver are issued including the no return or stopped payment checks. There are different types of waivers accepted in different states and this is why you should first make sure of the requirements of your state before issuing this type of release.

Contractor Lien Waiver

Contractor Lien Waiver

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Sample Template Preview

Contractor Lien Waiver

_________________ County
_________________ State

___________________________        ___________________________
Customer Name                Customer Address

___________________________        ___________________________
Customer City/State/Zip            Customer Phone Number

___________________________        ___________________________
Job Location                    Date

Contractor: ______________________________________________________
Contractor Address ________________________________________________
Description of work completed to date: ________________________________

Payments received to date: $___________
Payment received on this date: $_________

The Contractor signing below acknowledges receipt of all payments stated above. These payments are in compliance with the written contract between the parties above. The Contractor signing below hereby states payment for all work done to this date has been paid in full.

The Contractor signing below releases and relinquishes any and all rights available to place a mechanics or material man lien against the subject property for the above described work. All parties agree that all work performed to date has been paid for in full and in compliance with their written agreement.

The undersigned Contractor releases the Customer for any liability from non-payment of material or services extended through this date. The undersigned contractor has read this entire agreement and understands the agreement.

_________________________            _________________
Contractor                        Date

Given under hand and seal this _____day of __________________, 20___.

__________________________                    (SEAL)