Calculation Of Offer And Budget

Calculation of Offer and Budget

The calculation of offer and budget worksheet contains details which are necessary such as the property address. In addition there are columns for the proposed cost as well as the actual cost for all the line items. The items are the sales price which is post the repaired value, the rehab value both proposed and actual, the closing purchase cost and the closing sale cost. The other line items include items such as the insurance, the amounts both proposed and actual for taxes calculated as well as water, the utilities which are estimated and the actual, the interest made or payments made towards interests, the commission of the broker. All these line items are subtracted from the sale price and post that the profit is calculated in both proposed as well as actual terms. Incase there are other items those are mentioned and the sub total is then calculated. Then the purchase price is noted and the total profit which has been gained post the selling of the house is arrived at. The last item is the total daily carry cost which consists of the yearly taxes, the insurance costs, the utilities as well as the interest payments all calculated yearly and then divided by the number of days in the year to arrive at the per day cost.

This is good to be aware of the amount which was estimated and what it actually cost or what the actuals are in terms of profit as compared to what was estimated to be earned. This can be used as a guide for the future as well.

Calculation Of Offer And Budget

Calculation Of Offer And Budget

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Sample Template Preview


Property Address_______________________________________________

Proposed            Actual

Sales Price    (After Repaired Value)    ________            ________

Rehab                ________            ________

Closing Cost – Purchase    ________            ________

Closing Cost – Sale        ________            ________

Insurance            ________            ________

Taxes and Water        ________            ________

Utilities            ________            ________

Interest Payments        ________            ________

Broker’s Commission        ________            ________

Profit                ________            ________

Other                ________            ________

Sub Total Cost                (________)            (________)

Purchase Price            MAO     ________             (________)

Total     Profit (calculated after house has sold)                   ________

Total Daily Carry Cost
(yearly taxes, insurance, utilities, and interest divided by 360)$ ________