Prepare a third party agreement to hand over your property rights to the third party buyer

Want to prepare disclosure-transfer to third party? Then you either have to hire an attorney or prepare by yourself by finding the best format that is professionally written in online. Generally, this disclosure transfer of third party agreement is made between buyer and affiant (third party buyer). Interestingly, the affiant would act as a seller after making this agreement. Usually, this kind of agreement is made when the seller is in another country, but want to sell his property at a brisk pace will transfer the property to the third party buyer and gives them all the rights of a seller. Moreover, this person has all the rights to choose the right buyer who gives a best rate for the property. This agreement includes all the terms and conditions clearly without leaving no room for conflicts between the affiant and seller.

Moreover, the affiant can include the buyer’s interest in the property thoroughly and in fact these all points have to be considered by the affiants prior to selling the property. The third party buyer need not require to pay the loans that are on the property. In addition, the third party buyer is considered to be as a future buyer by the affiants. When you find a potential buyer and he/she wants to purchase the property then the actual seller would release and transfer the property under the third party buyer to the original buyer name. The seller ensure that the property has no connection with the affiants or that could not pose a threat for the buyer in the future from affiants.

Disclosure-Transfer To Third Party

Disclosure-Transfer To Third Party

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Sample Template Preview


STATE  OF ___________________________
COUNTY  OF ___________________________

BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared ___________________________________ who being first duly sworn, depose and say that:

According to an agreement dated ______________________ (hereinafter “Agreement”), Affiants (hereinafter “Seller”) have voluntarily agreed to sell property located at ___________________________ to ___________________________ (hereinafter “Buyer”).

Affiants acknowledge and understand Buyer’s intention to convey Buyer’s interest in the Property to a third-party buyer (hereinafter “Third Party Buyer”) who shall be any party selected at any time by Buyer according to similar criteria used by Seller to qualify Buyer.  Said qualification criteria are specified in the Agreement.

Affiants acknowledge and understand that Buyer’s right to convey Buyer’s interest in the Property to a Third Party Buyer may be exercised at any time, now or in the future.

Affiants acknowledge and understand that Buyer’s conveyance of Buyer’s interest in the Property to Third Party Buyer may be subject to some or all of the loans and other encumbrances to which the property is subject as of the date of this document.  Third Party Buyer shall not be required to assume said loans or pay off said loans.  Affiants expressly consent to Buyer’s conveyance of Buyer’s interest in the Property to Third Party Buyer, and that no agreements between Buyer and Affiant prohibits or otherwise hinders Buyer’s right to such conveyance.

Affiants acknowledge and understand that Third Party Buyer qualifies as a “future purchaser” in the context of the AFFIDAVIT OF ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND HOLD HARMLESS FROM ASSUMPTION OF DUE ON SALE and in the context of the AFFIDAVIT AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF DEBT AND CONDITIONAL RELEASE OF LIABILITY otherwise executed by Affiants.

Affiants acknowledge and understand that upon Buyer’s conveyance of its interest in the Property to any Third Party Buyer, Seller completely releases and absolves Buyer (and Buyer’s heirs, executors, administrators and assigns) of any and all liability, claims, causes of action or losses related in any way to Buyer’s past relationship or covenants with Affiants.

Affiants expressly agree that this instrument may be treated as a defense to any action or proceeding that may be brought, instituted, or taken by Affiants or on their behalf, and shall for ever be a complete bar to the commencement or prosecution of any action or proceeding whatever against the Buyer, Buyer’s assigns, and Buyer’s employees/officers/ representatives.




Sworn to and described before me this ______ day of _______________, 20____.

________________________________        ____________________________________
Witness                        Notary Public