Weekly Property Checklist-Lease Options

What are the contents of the weekly property checklist

The weekly property checklist lists all the items that are needed to be checked periodically. Some of the items in this checklist are:

  1. The lockbox is easy to operate and has a key
  2. There are atleast 5-6 signs around the property
  3. The sign in the front yard – who does it belong to, us or the agent
  4. Are there flyers which are available and have they been restocked
  5. The flyers taped inside the front window
  6. Is the yard mowed, are there no trash or newspapers and are the edges mowed
  7. Is the landscaping trimmed as well as neatly done
  8. Are the mini blinds up which will allow the prospective clients to look inside the window
  9. Are the windows and doors locked
  10. Is the heat off or the thermostat at a reasonable setting
  11. Is the vinyl flooring clean and are there stains and footprints on it
  12. Are the carpets vacuumed and cleaned
  13. Are the toilets as well as the sink flushed and cleaned
  14. Are the window sills and windows cleaned
  15. There shouldn’t be any dead bugs
  16. The kitchen sink, counters and cabinets should be cleaned
  17. The bathtubs as well as showers should be cleaned
  18. The shower curtains should be closed
  19. The lights should be switched off
  20. The doors of the closet should be closed
  21. The cable TV wires should be rolled neatly
  22. The property should smell fresh and new.
Weekly Property Checklist Weekly Property Checklist
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Sample Template Preview

The Pinnacle Group LLC

Weekly Property Checklist

Property Address:____________________




  1. ____ Lockbox has key and easy to operate
  2. ____ Signs up around area of property (5-6 signs)
  3. ____ Sign up in front yard               Ours or Agent’s
  4. ____ Flyers available/restocked
  5. ____ Flyer taped to inside front window
  6. ____ Yard mowed, edged, with no trash or newspapers – Not even a gum wrapper
  7. ____ Landscaping trimmed and neat
  8. ____ Mini-blinds turned open so prospects can look in window (all fully extended)
  9. ____ All windows and doors locked
  10. ____ AC/Heat Off or thermostat at reasonable setting based on season (AC-85’, Heat-55’)
  11. ____ Vinyl floors clean, no footprints or stains
  12. ____ Carpets clean and vacuumed
  13. ____ Toilets and sinks clean, flushed
  14. ____ Windows and window sills clean
  15. ____ No dead bugs
  16. ____ Kitchen counters, cabinets, sinks, clean
  17. ____ Bathtubs, showers clean
  18. ____ Shower curtains closed
  19. ____ All lights off
  20. ____ Closet doors closed
  21. ____ Cable TV wires neatly rolled
  22. ____ Property Smells new/fresh
  23. ____ All screws, tacks, push pins, coins, etc. picked up
  24. ____ Overall Appearance Excellent (No Distractions)
  25. ____ Mail Box Empty
  26. ____ No Broken Windows
  27. ____ No Stains on ceiling


Circle Items that Need Immediate Attention and make Comments


Comments:      _________________________________________________________________________









Reviewed By: ________________________________        Date:   _______________________________