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warranty deed to trustee-Lease Options

warranty deed to trustee

What are the terms and conditions of the Warranty Deed To Trustee

The Warranty Deed To Trustee is a legal document which describes that together with the hereditaments as well as tenements and appurtenances, the trustee has the rights to hold the premises for uses and purposes which are detailed in the Trust agreement.

The trustee is given full power as well as full authority with regards the premises and parts of it for all times and can subdivide the premises or dedicate streets, parks, highways, alleys as well as can vacate the subdivisions or any part and can resubdivide the property for as many times as he or she desires. The trustee as per the Warranty Deed To Trustee also has the right to sell or donate or mortgage or pledge the property or parts of the property for any period of time which is done by leases. He or she can also change or modify whatever terms and provisions are there and make leases and grant leases and even renew leases of the mentioned property.

However, no party can deal with the trustee with regards to the premises and ask to see the rent or money that has been borrowed or advanced for the premises or even see that the trust terms are complied with.

The interest of the persons who fall under the trust are only with regards the earnings as well as the proceeds of the sale or the disposal of the real estate but the beneficiary shall not have the title but will only get the proceeds of the interest of the earnings.

warranty deed to trustee

warranty deed to trustee

warranty deed to trustee

warranty deed to trustee

Sample warranty deed to trustee-Lease Options Form Template


Download Printable warranty deed to trustee-Lease Options Template

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