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How can you prove that the property belongs to you?

When you need to put forward what belongs to you, then you may need to put it in writing in the form of affidavit of ownership. It becomes evident how you purchased or became the owner of the property through the affidavit of ownership.

This affidavit is required when

  • There is a requirement to prove that you own the property
  • You need to prove that the vehicle is owned by you.

You may have asked for a loan from the bank. When your deed or the title certificate cannot suffice you are asked to provide an affidavit of ownership to the bank.

The benefit of the affidavit

The benefit of this affidavit that it proves that the said property or vehicle belongs to you and you are the rightful owner of that property. There are mentioned the details of the property owned by you and that proves that you are the real owner of the property. This affidavit is also known as ownership affidavit.

The affidavit contains your name and contact details and you swear in front of the notary that the property belongs to you and is in your name. You may also tell about the repairs and maintenance works that were done in the premises. This is important because it proves that you own the property. Thereafter you must sign the affidavit with the date in front of the notary public. Who will himself sign the document to prove that the affidavit and the claims made in it are true.

Affidavit Of Ownership Affidavit Of Ownership

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