Landlord’s Rules and Regulations

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The details regarding the landlord’s rules and regulations

The landlord’s rules and regulations are normally given so that the landlord’s requirements as well as policies are explained. These can be amended by the landlord from time to time and the tenant needs to agree with the rules and regulations. If there are any exceptions or if there are any waivers, then it needs to be authorized by the landlord and that too it can only be accepted in writing. These rules are in addition to the residential lease agreement rules which are mentioned.

As per the landlord’s rules and regulations all the utilities need to be turned in the name of the tenant and the landlord is not responsible for any utilities that are not paid for. The tenant needs to be responsible for all the utilities starting with the date of commencement of the lease.

The collection policy for the monthly rent too needs to be mentioned in this. It also states that if the rent is not paid by the 1st of the month the landlord can continue with legal action and terminate the lease. Once done, the tenant will in addition be expected to pay the costs of the late fees, attorney fees as well as court fees.

The tenants will need to keep the property clean and with the lawn mowed well and no trashcans, trailers should be stored outside the house which can be seen from the street. Incase there is a violation, the landlord as per the landlord’s rules and regulations can claim corrective actions.

Landlord's Rules And Regulations Landlord's Rules And Regulations