AFFIDAVIT OF OWnership-Land Contracts

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What is the affidavit of Ownership

The affidavit of ownership is where the owner of the property is first sworn in and they state that they are the owner of the property which is in question and they state that there are no repairs which have been done, no alterations which are done or remodeling or new constructions which have taken place in the previous 90 days or that there have been repairs, remodeling, alteration as well as new constructions which are done in the past 90 days and that the improvements are paid to the contractors and there are no bills which are unpaid or outstanding or even no claims which are there for labor or services rendered or even materials which have been purchased in this regard. Incase there are exceptions, that should be mentioned as well.

It also states that incase there is a general contractor who has been contacted for repairs or remodeling or alteration or new construction done then the contractor’s sworn statement is recorded as well with regards the improvements and incase there have been any waivers of lien.

It states that the owner has not been served a notice for the lien on the premises for labor or material and incase there are exceptions, that needs to be entered as well. Finally, the owner informs that other than those liens which are mentioned in the document, there are no other liens which are present.

This affidavit of Ownership is signed and sworn before the notary public in order to be considered legal and binding.

Affidavit Of Ownership Affidavit Of Ownership