Partnership Agreement

Manage the hotel business better with the help of several records of essential categories

When it comes to maintaining records for a hotel business, there are several things that have to be kept in mind. From the number of employees to all the energy that is being consumed and electrical expenses. All records require documentation and referencing so that they can be produced to parties in times of need and also can be used for future necessities and year by year comparative analysis. Property Operation, Maintenance and Energy forms and documents are available online and is made in a proper format that is very much required for organisation

All the essential categories included

The online platforms that are engaged in such activities make sure that when you are going through the records, you are aware of all the existing expenditures that the hotel business and are aware of even the smallest of expenses made. A list of employees, salaries, repairs, furniture, wiring and electrical, floor covering, elevators, paintings and show pieces, uniforms, water, fuel and energy costs are provided so that you can make a net estimate of all that is happening. Records kept for the Property Operation, Maintenance and Energy are therefore extremely necessary to ensure that there is no room for miscellaneous expenses that have not been counted or recorded.

Maintaining organisational business

Availability of such a record is imperative to maintain a proper organisational management of the hotel business and also balance out the expenses and revenue generated. With this method you can make larger estimates and calculate the net value of the costs. These printable forms are great for the small as well as large businesses to have a hard copy of expense calculation.

Partnership Agreement
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Sample Template Preview

Partnership agreement.

A, of State of _________, County of _________, City of _________, and B, of State of _________, County of _________, City of _________, agree as follows:
Effective since _________, for remainder of year 19__, A agrees to turn over to B the hotel situated at the intersection of _________ Street and _________ Street, City of _________, State of _________, including all furnishings and equipment now located in it and covered by schedule annexed to this agreement upon the following terms and conditions:
The trading name, namely, _________ hotel company, shall be maintained and employed for all purposes so far as operation of hotel is concerned. Its present commercial liabilities, as per schedule annexed, in amount of $_____, and in any event not to exceed $_____ shall be paid. All collections of accounts receivable, in amount of $_____, shall be applied. Shortage from source shall be applied from earnings of the hotel operation.
B shall assume control of properties as listed and manage same to B’s best ability and, in connection with a monthly cash drawing account of $_____, shall have use of _________ bedrooms within the hotel or annexes, at B’s option, to be used by B’s family and self as living quarters.
B is further bound to pay to A from earnings through operation of hotel $_____ monthly as rental and then divide upon fifty-fifty basis with A all earnings accruing above actual operating expenses and the maintenance in a manner equal to present physical condition of the premises as will keep furnishings and equipment up to present standard in kind and quality. The $_____ drawing account privilege to extent employed shall operate as a charge account against one-half earned profits of B and shall be reckoned with on this basis as settlements are made from time to time with A.
It is agreed by and between parties that neither will retire from the management without first giving the other _________ days notice in writing of such intention.