Loan to Engage in Hotel Business with Agreement to Divide Profits.

The hotel business agreement forms and documents availed from online platforms

Managing and financing a hotel business all by one individual is not a piece of cake. Especially when it comes to the aspects of providing monetary advances, it is necessary to have another person to disuses matters with and share the responsibilities of the management and profit of the hotel. This should not be confused with a partnership agreement because the Loan to Engage in Hotel Business with Agreement to Divide Profits is quite different.

Business agreements and their requirements

In cases as such, one party is ready to pay a certain amount to the owner of a hotel and then legally benefit from the revenue of the hotel that is generated after the money has been used. Moreover repairs, new furnishing and everything come under these agreements and can be used by both parties to extract their own set of profits. The Loan to Engage in Hotel Business with Agreement to
Divide Profits form is available in several online platforms with all the guideline and policies mentioned so that you need not go to extreme measures to attain this document format and use it. The very name of the agreement says it all and therefore there should not be any confusion regarding the general guidelines of the agreement form.

Getting all the help required

Availing the forms from online platforms is a very safe method and can be relied upon to make and prepare important documents and agreements. All you need to do is download the form that is in conformity to your requirements and then print it so that you can start using it. The sign and the stamps is all you need to do to officially make the document legal.

Loan To Engage In Hotel Business With Agreement To Divide P


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Sample Template Preview

Loan to engage in hotel business with agreement to divide profits.

A desires to engage in hotel business in a certain building numbered _________ _________ street in _________, and for that purpose desires that B shall advance certain sums of money and furnish goods, wares, and merchandise, aggregating in value $_____:
Therefore, it is agreed that, in consideration of B furnishing A the money, goods, etc., of the above value, A’s entire time, services, and attention shall be given to the management of the business to be conducted in the building, and shall repay to B the sum of $_____ in monthly instalments, commencing on _________, 19__, as is evidenced by _________ certain promissory notes bearing even date with this instrument, executed by A, payable to the order of B. It is further agreed that the net profits of the management of hotel shall be applied by A to the payment of the notes referred to above; and that all of the net profits accruing after the payment of the notes shall be divided equally between A and B; and that after net profits shall have paid off the promissory notes, A shall be entitled to draw for personal use $_____ per month, and after such deduction the profits shall be divided equally as above, provided that the proportion which B shall receive shall never be less than $_____ per month.