Guest Account

Get an accurate and transparent account history with the help of Guest account form


Checking out and guest account settlement provides for an importance aspect during the final stage of the guest staying cycle in hotels. Proper analysis and accurate calculation should be done in order to avoid confusion since a careless mistake in accounting will lead to negative reviews and spoil all the hard work of hotel staff for the boarders. Hence it is necessary to have detailed forms which provides for guest accounts and records the overall expense which has been made by the guest during his/her stay in the hotel.

Necessity of guest account form in hotels

A proper Guest Account is known to create stay history record of the guest and resolve outstanding balance. Guest account forms can be easily printed as they are a number of sample forms available on the internet. Hence accounting staff present in the hotel can very simply avail pre-made forms of guest accounting online.

Guest Account forms are known to provide every specific detail that can be included in order to track the stay history record of the guests. In order to get the maximum details with regard to simpler and transparent calculation of the stay in the hotel, the form mentions the restaurant and valet parking bills, laundry and housekeeping charges, local phone call record and similar records.

Significance of online printable forms

Online printable forms of Guest account in hotels are hence very significant. The overall credit transfer and balance are mentioned for the better understanding of the payer. It is known to give out a clear account detail leading to a better and convenient hotel staying experience of the guest.

Guest Account




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Sample Template Preview

Guest account.


Acct. No.                                                                                                     Room No. ………
Name                                                                                                            No. Pers. ……… Rate ………
Address                                                                                                         Date Arrival
Bal. Forward from No. ……… to No. ………                                                       Exp’d Departure

Local Phone Calls






Local Tel.

Long Dist.



Cash Disb.

Transfer Dr.

Total Dr.

Cash———— ————————— ———————————————————

Transfer Cr.

Total Cr.

Bal. Forward