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Exclusive Listing Contract

Exclusive Listing Contract

Exclusive listing contract and its basic features in real estate business


Exclusive Listing Contract is primary a bond between a property broker and property owner with regard to the granting authority of the owner’s property to the broker. Acting as the owner’s agent, the broker aims to sell the landowner’s property. It gives the ultimate right to the broker to procure a potential buyer of property. As a part of the common law of land, it is essentially a contractual agreement between the seller and the broker. Since forming the content of the form usually depends on property attorneys and lawyers, people are often hesitated to proceed with such agreements.

Avail the online real estate services

To avoid the unavailability of lawyers, many online real estate services offers pre-made forms to its users. The significance of such pre-made printable forms is that they are usually simple to follow and makes people familiar with the terms and conditions of the document. Hence this makes them aware of such contracts and can use it to their maximum benefit. People thus are known to readily get such forms printed for their convenience.

Covers the necessary details in real estate dealings

Known to cover almost all the necessary details that are required in Exclusive Listing Contract form, the printable forms are very helpful. Apart from being provided with the description and nature of property, such forms also ensure sellers’ warrants and information relating to the broker’s use and purpose of the property. Monthly payments, annual expenses, time period and interest rates are few of the elements which have been made mandatory during exclusive listing contract dealings. Online printable forms offered by real estate services are known to include these as well.

Exclusive Listing Contract

Exclusive Listing Contract

Exclusive Listing Contract

Sample Exclusive Listing Contract Form Template


Download Printable Exclusive Listing Contract Template

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