Envelope Used for Deposit of Valuables

Most hotels are known to provide an envelope for deposit of valuables for the convenience of guests

Guests availing lodging services in hotels are often met with the inconvenience of storing priced possessions and considerable amount of cash in their room. Most hotels are known to provide its guests with a secured deposit facility for storing their cash and other possessions while they stay up in the hotel. These safety deposits come in form of envelopes in most hotels. Hence while travelling for work or pleasure guests can store excess amounts of cash safely in the hotel’s custody.


Safe storage of prized possessions in hotels

Hotels are known to have Envelope Used for Deposit of Valuables at their disposal. This envelope provides for safekeeping of the guests’ valuable while they are away. Though they may have separate storage or such valuables, the hotel’s staff owe no liability in case of loss of priced possessions. With approved signature of the depositor, these valuable deposits can also be brought back to its owner. The amount of the valuable and cash deposits that are being stored by the guests should also be mentioned in the form for future reference of both the parties.

Specific structure of the content of the envelope

There is a specific structure that is to be followed while forming the content of the Envelope Used for Deposit of Valuables form. People who are not aware of such content and structure can easily refer to the sample form on such matter online. Various online services are known to offer to its users with pre-made sample form of such envelopes for their benefit. Stating all of the above contents, these forms come in very helpful and easy to follow.

Envelope Used For Deposit Of Valuables Envelope Used For Deposit Of Valuables


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Sample Template Preview


_____________________________________ (hotel or motel) hereby accepts this envelope and its contents for safekeeping assuming the following conditions are met:
We assume no liability for items valued over _____________ dollars ($________). Therefore any item exceeding this amount cannot be covered for any more than __________________________ dollars ($________).

The employee accepting this envelope has no authority to accept if the contents are valued at more than ______________________ dollars ($_______).

The net worth of the contents of this envelope is no more than _____ dollars ($______).

Signature of depositor:  _________________________

Deposit received by:  ___________________________

Date:  ______________________________________

Signature of depositor:  _________________________
Delivered by:  _______________________

Dated:  _______________________

Package will only be delivered to the party whose signature appears on the duplicate check, which is attached to the package.