Check for Storage of Parcel

Parcel storage as a necessary facility that is available for residing guests in hotels

Among the necessary facilities that can be offered by a quality service providing hotel is its parcel storage ability for the residing guests. Due to hectic work schedules and travel needs, guests are known to miss receiving valuable parcels and articles which have been delivered to them while they were away. Check for Storage of Parcel is one of the necessary features that have to be provided by the hotel owners and managerial staff.

Crucial agreement between willing parties

Check for Storage of Parcel agreement that has been offered to the guest also requires crucial agreement between the willing parties in order to cease confusion and help in future reference. Such agreements mention the rules and terms which have to be followed by both the parties in order to provide for a healthy contract between the parties.

Mentions details of depositor and claim checks

Apart from storage charges and liabilities of the stored articles, the agreements also mention the details of the depositor and claim check in their agreed form. Yet the most difficult task of such form of contract is its regular usage. Since the hotel has to cater to several guests each day, forming a document with attorneys with regard to parcel storage becomes very time consuming and troublesome. During such situations, hotel owners and managers can opt from online services, printed legal forms which relate to parcel storage checking. Willing parties have to only check the provided universally approved terms and conditions that are mentioned in the legal form and have agree to stated policies. These forms are considered to be necessary tools for providing people with small advantages and convenience.

Check For Storage Of Parcel



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Sample Template Preview


CLAIM CHECK #: __________________

In giving this personal property for storage the signer accepts that the _________________________________ (hotel or motel) will not be liable for any damage to the previously mentioned property unless the damage was the direct result of a negligent act of _______________________________________ (hotel or motel).  If the damage was the result of __________________________________________________ (hotel or motel) negligence than the liability of _________________________ (hotel or motel) will not exceed ______________________ dollars ($____________).

Furthermore,  a charge of __________________ dollars ($__________________) a day, or each fraction thereof, will be made after __________________ (twenty-four hours) for each article left in the parcel room. In addition, _______________ (hotel or motel) is authorized to deliver property to any person presenting this check, without the necessity of showing identification. If the property is not reclaimed within _________ days, _________ (hotel or motel) may sell it at public or private sale and apply the proceeds against the charges then due and the cost of sale.

Signature of depositor: _______________________

Deposit received by: ________________________

Date: ______________________