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Settlement Sheet

Settlement Sheet

A detailed list of expenses and costs to be fulfilled with regards to purchasing properties and involvement of an escrow

A Settlement Sheet in terms of real estate deals and agreements is necessary to keep a track of all the expenses made and charges to be paid by the seller and the purchaser both in several accounts leading to the sale of the house. The sheet and declaration contains everything from unearned insurances, water taxes and miscellaneous expenses pertaining to the seller of the house. When it comes to credits to the purchaser there are a number of things involved such as the general taxes, water tax, gas and electricity bill and existing mortgage and several other miscellaneous expenses.

The contents of the sheet

A total expense of the purchaser and seller is made from all the mentioned categories that are listed out and then fees paid to the escrow trust and broker commission along with revenue stamp expenses are made. A structure is also made with regards to the payment of the first and second mortgage principle and interest payments. Thus the Settlement Sheet provides excellent financial records with regards to all the expenses bore and the ones that need to be maintained by either of the parties.

The analysis made easy with online forms

With online availability of the documents and forms it has become easier to get the information and print it out for use. A lawyer is not required and therefore there are no extra expenses that need to be done with regards to keeping and organising information. It is very useful in giving a complete view of all that is required to track and record so that a comprehensive analysis can be made for all the expenses.

Settlement Sheet

Settlement Sheet

Sample Settlement Sheet Form Template


Download Printable Settlement Sheet Template

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