Landowner Cooperative Agreement

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What is the Landowner Cooperative Agreement

The Landowner Cooperative Agreement is the agreement which is made between the individual and the commission which is the administrative agency of the state.  This Landowner Cooperative Agreement is signed so that there would be protection, management as well as propagation of fish and game so that the people of the state are able to fish and hunt.

The agreement is drawn such that the commission is not permitted for application of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides as well as chemicals without first informing the landowner. No animal or plant which is not indigenous of the state will be permitted without first getting permission of the land owner.

The landowner also is absolved from any warranties with regards the safety or the condition of the property. It also informs that no fishing, trapping or even hunting would be permissible in the safety zones and notices would be put up by the commission at regular intervals so that the public is aware that those zones are not allowed to fish, hunt or trap in.

Other than the vehicles which are owned or operated by the state will not be permitted on the property at any time and also, the staff will be provided for enforcing laws regarding fishing as well as game protection. They would also protect the property against trespassers or even fire and thus would assist the landowner in all manners possible to help in this endeavor.

Thus Landowner Cooperative Agreement helps the landowner as well as ensures his or her peace of mind.

Landowner Cooperative Agreement Landowner Cooperative Agreement

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