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Historic District Facade Servitude

Historic District Facade Servitude

Historic District Facade Servitude – the details

In Historic District Facade Servitude the owner of the property promises to maintain as well as preserve the exterior portion of the building as the state it was in when it was donated. When the building is already in ruin or state of repair, then atleast the same state needs to be maintained by the owner.

In the Historic District Facade Servitude if the owner wants to change any details of the exterior like perhaps altering the appearance of it or even the composition of the exterior then he has to get permission in writing and he needs to receive the approval in writing from the done as well. Incase however, there are changes made or demolition done which is without the written approval of the done then within 60 days the owner is duty bound to start the repairing of such damage done. In case the work is not completed within a reasonable amount of time, the donee will go ahead and carry out the repair work but the owner will need to pay for it.

The donee may even ask the owner to repair and maintain the roof as well as the exteriors at the owner’s cost and should it not commence within 60 days the donee can go ahead and do the repair work and charge the same to the owner. The donee can also choose to go to court and proceed by a summary process which will be done against the owner of the aforesaid and aforementioned property.


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