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General Agreement with work order form

What is a General Agreement With Work Order Form

The General Agreement With Work Order Form is an agreement between parties with regards to all kinds of professional services which are entered into in regards to a particular project and that makes all the previous agreements, understandings as well as quotations, proposals, negotiations, solicitations as well as representations as null and void.

In the professional services which are described, payment is taken in exchange for services which are mentioned in the agreement. The agreement consists of different sections. The first section describes the relationship between the parties, the second section consists of the payment terms, post which there are sections which are for general provisions. It follows with the Work Order and the fee schedule.

The agreement also consist of the client responsibilities and details with regard the project schedules and the details with regards what are the penalties which will be enforced in case of delays.

The agreement in categoric terms also informs of the limitations of liabilities and also the details with regards the disposal of contaminated material as well as handling of contaminated materials. There are the details of the indemnification and if there are errors or omissions, then the method and time period to rectify the same.

The General Agreement With Work Order Form contains details of the work procedures, the costs as well as the use of documents along with the ownership and what needs to be done incase of disputes and the method of arbitration or resolution of disputes is also mentioned in the document.


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