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Conservation Easement-Environmental Protections

Conservation Easement

Conservation Easement

Conservation Easement

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What is conservation easement

Conservation Easement is called conservation servitude or even conservation restriction. This is the power which is given to a qualified private organization for land conservation. This is also known as a land trust and the municipal, county, federal or even state government constrain with regards to the specified land area as to the exercising of rights of the land owner so that conservation is ensured. This Conservation Easement is an agreement between the land trust or the government unit and the landowner. This applies not only to present owners but to future owners as well and granting of conservation easement goes with the land and it is recorded in all the land records. It is part of the chain of title.

The conservation easement includes the maintenance as well as improvement of the quality of water, maintaining and fostering the growth of forests, maintaining as well as improving the habitat of the wildlife and the migration corridors as well, protection of scenic vistas and ensuring that the land is managed in such a way that there is sustenance of agriculture and forestry.

It enables that the users achieve specific objectives of conservation and the Conservation Easement is voluntary whether it is sold or even donated. The appraisals of the easement value as well as financial arrangements are kept private between the land trust as well as the land owner.

The landowners, who are qualified for conservation easement and volunteer for it, can get income tax deductions equivalent to the donation value.

Sample Conservation Easement-Environmental Protections Form Template


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