In Original Owner of Subdivision 2

In Original Owner Of Subdivision


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In original owner of subdivision.

The grantor expressly reserves in the original owners of _________ subdivision, _________[list of names] for themselves, their heirs and assigns, the sole right to legislate or grant consents, or install any improvements, such as storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water mains, street curbing or paving, or to grant consents for the operation of street railways, electric lights, telephone and telegraph pole lines and conduits in and upon any or all of the highways existing, or later created upon which any portion of the premises shall abut, together with the right to grant permission to lay and maintain conduits and lines and poles for carrying electric wires in, through or over the rear _________ feet of the premises. Also the only and exclusive right to establish grades and slopes upon the land described and to fix the grade at which any building shall be erected or placed, so that it shall conform to a general plan for the mutual benefit of all purchasers, and the sole right at all times to grant consents or to petition the proper authorities for the installation of any and all improvements, which in their opinion are necessary for the proper development of _________ subdivision, of which the above-described land is a part. The grantee consents to and affirms any agreement that may be entered into between the original owners, their heirs or assigns, and any authorities, providing for the installation of the improvements, and the grantee shall be bound, together with the lands described, for the payment of the cost of the improvements, waiving all notice with reference to the petition, and shall consent to all things or acts that may be necessary in the matter, granting and ratifying all agreements or acts on the part of the original owners, or their heirs or assigns.